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Celebrate Easter This Year By Sucking On Benedict Cumberbatch's Face

Easter bunnies: Nobody really enjoys them, but we eat them anyway, if only because we have the opportunity to make ourselves uniquely sick just once every spring.

But now, thanks to one inventive chocolatier, we can honor Jesus rising from the dead in the holiest of ways by sucking on Benedict Cumberbatch's perfect chocolate face.

Bored Panda

Jen Lindsey-Clark, aka The Chocolatician, made the "Cumberbunnies" in 400 grams of white, milk and dark chocolate. They all come with 22-carat-gold-dusted bowties and a layer of edible glitter.

With a £50 price tag (just over $70), they don't come as cheap as your average CVS chocolate bunnies, but they're guaranteed to taste a hell of a lot better.

Bored Panda

It may be Benedict Cumberbatch's best performance yet, and you can buy a piece of the magic for yourself here.

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