Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream Today And Everyone's Freaking Out

by Anna Menta
Reuters / Fred Prouser

If you think, "Ben & Jerry's is giving out free ice cream," is too good to possibly be true, I have news for you: Miracles really can happen.

Yep, it's true folks, April 12 is Ben & Jerry's annual Free Cone Day, aka the best damn day of the year.

Hit up your nearest Ben & Jerry's store between 12 pm and 8 pm today to pick up a free cone of ANY ICE CREAM FLAVOR! There's NO LIMIT! You can get as many cones as you want!

No pressure or anything, but don't pick the wrong flavor. Just kidding, it's impossible to pick the wrong flavor. Every Ben & Jerry's flavor is amazing. Gosh, I love them.

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day has been going on since 1979. While I'm sure everyone was super pumped in 1979 about free ice cream, too, now it's 2016 and when we get free stuff, we tweet about it.

The best part is that moment of realization...

...followed by the pure joy that today is going to be the best ever.

When you realize it's #FreeConeDay at @benandjerrys! — PriceLESS Dates Blog (@priceLESSdates) April 12, 2016

Some people have been waiting a long time for this day.

ITS HERE! Its here!! It's finally free cone day at @benandjerrys! — Taylor Martz (@taylormartz4) April 12, 2016

But, some don't even know about it. It's your civic duty to share this joy with the world.

Free Cone Day is really humanity at its best.

Shout out to Ben & Jerry's for giving us an excuse to get our grooves on...

Because dancing is really the best reaction to free ice cream... to eating ice cream, that is.

Thank you, Ben & Jerry's, for giving us all this gift. Best Tuesday ever.

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