A Beautiful Landscape Photo Is Going Viral Over This One Hidden Detail

If you can spot the child in this picture, I'll buy you a beer.

Just kidding, I don't have that kind of money.

But if you manage to pick the kid out among the huge boulders, you'll be rewarded with an awesome sense of self-satisfaction.

The photo was uploaded to Imgur about a year ago, but it now has the internet scratching its head after it was recently picked up by online media.

Do you give up? OK, I'll give you a hint. And by hint, I mean I'll point out exactly where the kid is in the photo.


Gotcha! Let's take a closer look.


OK, don't lie, there's no way in hell you spotted that kid. The kid is basically impossible to see, and in that respect, this photo is an unfair mindfuck on my part. For that, I apologize.

But look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't have fun trying to find this kid. It probably distracted you from work for a good 30 seconds. Now, get back to your spreadsheet and crunch those numbers; the office is counting on you!

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