Barbie's Bizarre Middle Name Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Childhood

This may not come as news to you, but it's blowing our minds over here at Elite Daily.

So, get this: Barbie has a middle AND last name.

Her full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts.

That's not a cool name, though. So sadly, she's lost some major street cred that can never be gotten back.

Barbie's actual name emerged way back in the 1960s, when Random House published a ton of books about her life.

Her parents were called George and Margaret, and they lived in the fictional town of Willows in Wisconsin.

Barbie went to Willows High School. But as she grew up and the book publishers changed, she attended Manhattan International High School in New York City. (It's based on Stuyvesant High School.)

Ken's surname is Carson, since you asked (not).

Be honest: Even though you weren't prepared for all these niche Barbie facts, you're so glad we threw them at you.

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