Bar Has A Genius Plan For Getting You Out Of Bad First Dates

Every 109 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

In fact, 1 in 6 women are victims of sexual assault, but many believe that number to be much higher.

That's why every single bar should have this poster in their restrooms.

The poster, found at Lincolnshire bar's women's restroom, encourages women who feel uneasy about their date to go ask a staff member for "Angela."


"Angela" serves as a code word, which lets the bartenders know that you need help getting away from some creep.

Seeing as how a lot of us use dating apps, we really are meeting complete strangers for drinks a lot of the time. YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYBODY.

The idea originated from an England county council. It reads,

Are you on a date that isn't working out? Is your Tinder or POF [Plenty of Fish] date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel like you're not in a safe situation? Does it all feel a bit weird? If you go to the bar and ask for 'Angela,' the bar staff will know you need help getting out of your situation and will call you a taxi or help you out discreetly—without too much fuss.

A lot of women will stick around a weird situation because they're afraid of making a scene. They'll want to follow their gut instincts, but social pressures stop them.

This is a discrete solution.

But ladies can be creepers too.

I think the posters should be in the men's room as well --"Ask for Andy" or something.

In fact, since this poster is going viral, literally everyone will know when a woman asks for "Angela" exactly what that means.

Each bar should have their own codename to throw creepers off the scent.

I haven't figured out how we would give the codename to same sex couples yet, as they use the same bathroom, but give me a few days of plotting.

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