Baby Throwing Tantrum Until She Gets Her Red Wine Is All Of Us On Friday Night


I finally found my soul sister, and she's a wine-loving toddler in the Dominican Republic.

OK, OK... she's not actually a vino-drinkin' baby, but judging by a video her father shared on Facebook, it sure looks like she'll be a wine lover when she's older.

In an adorable clip posted by Rafael Aybar, his daughter is being filmed during mealtime while he tries to appease her with milk, food and a pacifier.

She refuses each offer until Rafael puts a glass of red wine in front of her, and her reaction is all of us. This toddler is a natural-born wine lover, and we can totally relate.

No thanks, dad.

In the viral video, Rafael begins by giving his daughter a glass of milk, which she immediately rejects by pushing it away.


Not good enough.

Then, he offers her a plate of plain spaghetti, which she also denies was a harsh frown and a disapproving head shake.



He tries to appease his daughter one more time by offering a pacifier, but that didn't make her happy, either.



Once the pacifier failed, he had one last resort: his glass of red wine.

Quickly, Rafael places the glass in front of his toddler and she stops frowning immediately. In fact, she even smiles and looks back at her dad in approval because she's so damn pleased about his decision.

I've never seen a happier baby in my life.


This toddler is all of us.


Even though she's probably never had a drop of it in her life, she can barely contain her excitement for the boozy beverage.

I can't even imagine how stoked she's going to be when she turns 21 and tries a bottle for the first time.

Apparently, the rest of the internet agrees that this baby has good taste, because the video Rafael posted already has over 189,000 shares.

Cheers, little one.

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