This Talented Baby's Epic Cheerio Catch Will Make You Do A Double Take

I firmly believe some people are born with natural talent. They're the ones who show remarkable skill at a young age, who seem to never have to work at the thing — whether it be music, painting, running — they excel at.

This infant is obviously one of the lucky chosen few.

A video posted to YouTube channel Kyoot Kids shows the baby girl catch an airborne Cheerio in her mouth without breaking a sweat.

The child, eating at her high chair, had slammed her fist upon the table surface, sending the piece of cereal flying into the air.

At the same moment, she opened her mouth in shock, and in doing so, conveniently provided a place for the Cheerio to land.

Some may say the girl's impressive catch was simply a lucky accident caught on camera, but I beg to differ. I think she has the makings of a someday-superstar.

Watch the adorable clip up top.

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