All This Adorable Baby Elephant Wants To Do Is Cuddle With People


“Cuddly” may not be a word you'd typically use to describe an elephant, but apparently, the gentle giants can be seriously snuggly when they want to be.

One such elephant is Nampuu, a young calf living with his mother Ploy at the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai,Thailand.

Born at just 148 pounds — more than 70 pounds under the average birthweight for a newborn calf — Nampuu is widely considered to be a runt.

But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in heart.

The baby elephant has become something of a tourist attraction at Patara, known for his tendency to nuzzle, snuggle and even hug the people he meets on the farm. Sometimes, he'll even curl up on his human friends' chests, like an oversized, hairless puppy.

Though Nampuu's super-snuggly behavior is perhaps a bit odd for an elephant, the farm staff are simply happy to see the little guy so unquestionably happy.

Take a look at Nampuu and his cuddle crusades below and learn more about the Patara Elephant Farm here.

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