This App Assigns You A Working Fake Number To Give Out To Bar Creeps

If you've ever given out a fake phone number at the bar only to realize the next morning that you accidentally gave that creeper your real digits instead, this app is for you.

Phox is a new company that allows you to send and receive texts through a secondary line, so you can decide — when you're good and sober — if you want to give that guy (or lady) you met the night before your real phone number.

When you sign up, the company will assign you a seven-digit phone number that you can use to send and receive messages.

All incoming messages sent to that number will go directly to Phox's inbox (instead of your phone's inbox); similarly, all texts sent from the app will appear in the recipient's inbox bearing your Phox phone number. If anyone calls, they'll get a busy signal.

While its best use is obviously for dating, having a secondary phone number could prove useful in countless situations (think: text alerts or a reroute number for telemarketers).

But here is a catch: the cost.

You'll get a seven-day free trial when you first sign up, after which, it's $4.95 per 100 texts (so use that first week wisely).

If it seems unnecessary to pay good money to avoid phone calls, you've obviously never been text-stalked by a desperate dude after some Friday night debauchery.

Learn more below and sign up here.

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