These Mesmerizing Planet Lamps Will Transform Your Bedroom Atmosphere


Your bedroom is supposed to be a serene place, right?

If you're anything like me, you have a few salt lamps in the corner, a plant or two by the windowsill, a candle here and there and some incense burning on the reg.

OK, I'm kind of overkill on the whole "peaceful space" thing, but I like coming home to a relaxing area.

It looks like the atmosphere in my bedroom is about to get a lot more "spacey" because I just found out moon and planet lamps exist.

The dreamy lamps are painted to look like the moon and various planets in our solar system. They radiate light in a subtle way guaranteeing to bring you back down to Earth.

Seriously: Look how peaceful this one looks.


The lamps of Pulsar Moonlight were created by a woman named Maria, an Italian astrophysicist who was looking for a way to raise money for animal charities.

To raise money, Maria started recycling garden globes to create the moon and planet lamps. She has donated all the funds she's raised thus far.


Maria told Bored Panda about her process behind creating the psychedelic lamps and admitted she paints each and every one by hand with non-toxic paint.

Therefore, no two planet or moon lamps are the same.

She said, "Every moon has six layers, each to give a different effect. To make one moon takes about four to six hours of work."

The time and effort is well worth it — these lamps are gorgeous.


Apparently, the planet globes take longer to create because "there are more layers and, in some places, the color is very thick so it dries very slowly."

Could you imagine having the solar system in your bedroom?


Maria said she studies updated photos of the planets from NASA to make sure each globe is an authentic representation of the subject.

They look pretty authentic to me. Detail like this takes serious talent.


Her out-of-this-world lamp collection includes the moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and more.

If you're hoping to enhance your bedroom's atmosphere with peaceful planet lamps, visit the Pulsar Moonlight Etsy page and choose your favorite globe.

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