An Actual Wine Glass Necklace Exists And It'll Make Rosé All Day So Much Easier


Am I dreaming? Because I'm pretty sure I just came across a necklace that I've dreamt about almost every Saturday morning at brunch. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry with a sleek black strap that connects to a wine glass, and it's fit for every wino with a sense of style. That's right, everyone: a wine glass necklace exists, and it's going to make rosé all day so much easier.

I'm not kidding. A necklace that connects to a wine glass is actually on sale, and it'll allow you to wear your favorite wine and drink it at your own convenience. I mean, let's face it: Whether you're at happy hour, brunch, or walking around your apartment, holding onto your wine glass is such a burden.

We just don't have time for it.

The wearable wine glass is made by WineYoke, Cosmopolitan reports. Based off the looks of it, the boozy piece of jewelry was most definitely designed for wine lovers to sip wine on the go without needing to constantly have it in their hands.

TBH, this will probably prevent spillage -- and as someone who constantly spills her wine, I need this necklace.

Take a look at the necessary accessory below:


Isn't it the best necklace you've ever seen?! Could you imagine all the things you can do with your wine around your neck?!

If you're just as obsessed with the wine glass necklace as I am, you can buy it on Amazon for a very low price. It's called the Neoprene Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder, and it's available for $8.49. However, there other other options you can choose from to start your collection of wine necklaces.

When it comes to things you can do while wearing your wine, the options are endless. Hopefully you get a chance to buy one for yourself so you can rosé all day without the annoying task of holding onto your glass.