This Wearable Chair Is Very Convenient And Twitter Has A Bunch Of Uses For It


What would you say if you never needed to use a conventional chair again? Personally, I'd be intrigued, and guess what? A wearable chair exists and Twitter already has a bunch of uses for it. Known as "The Chairless Chair," the exoskeleton system device can actually be strapped to your body and used as a seat with the push of a button.

According to a video tweeted by Business Insider, the wearable chair features shoulder, waist, and shoe straps which make it extra secure. You can even lean back if you want!

The Chairless Chair is a real game-changer for people who are expected to stand for long periods of time, and its robot-like aesthetic — designed by Sapetti Studio and built by Zülkhe Group — is super cool, too.

Being able to sit down without a conventional chair "could increase productivity for thousands of industries," Business Insider reports. Not to mention, employees will be happier with the added comfort considering it can be customized for varying outfits and sizes.

However, beyond what a system like this could do for business, Twitter thought of a few other uses for it.

For concert-goers who like arrive early.

For extensive shopping trips with bae.

For levitation tricks, of course.

For clapping back at internet trolls.

For when you've got to go.

For when you can't get a seat on the bus.

For extra long shifts at work.

For a quick nap.

For long distance walks.

The possibilities are endless! But there's one thing Twitter hasn't quite gotten over.

It was Michael Scott's idea first.

The above clip is the exact moment Steve Carell's The Office character details his "chair pants" idea. He was before his time, unfortunately.

Though Michael's chair pants didn't take off, you can learn more about the real-life Chairless Chair on Noonee AG's website.