Adorable 6-Month-Old Baby Can Hold Plank Pose Longer Than All Of Us Ever Could


Some people develop a love for fitness at an early age.

Remember when we introduced you to Kristy Ardo?

You know, that fitness blogger mommy who refused to let motherhood stand in the way of her fitness goals by finding all sorts of ways to do her workouts with her infant by her side?

Well, it turns out that inspiring mom isn't the only woman out there who's teaching her little one about the importance of exercise.

We just came across an adorable infant holding a plank pose along his proud mom, and I'm pretty sure this this 6-month-old baby can hold the pose longer than most adults.


No really, I'm not kidding. If you've been slacking at the gym lately, you might want to look away.

This baby's seriously impressive plank pose will make you feel pretty bad about the fact you're not even strong enough to hold up your own body weight.

In the short video clip, you can see this badass planking baby, Roman McGowan, flex his infant muscle strength by maintaining a perfect plank position for a whooping 34 seconds!

This is pretty damn amazing, considering the fact most babies don't even know how to walk until they're about 1, let alone, throw down yoga poses like a damn baby boss.

Plus, this little fella even manages to look happy the entire time.


When it comes to showing off his fitness skills, it turns out that Roman does have a slight advantage over the other infants at day care.

Aside from being incredibly fit, Roman's mom, Dana McGowan, also happens to be a yoga instructor.


Based on the way that this 6-month-old baby holds plank poses, it's not hard to see that Roman inherited the athletic gene from his yogi mom.

I think it's safe to say baby Roman is definitely destined for a fitness-filled future.

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