This Fit Mom Slays Workouts With Her Toddler By Her Side

by Kate Ryan

It turns out that to get toned arms and abs, all you have to do is have a toddler.

Well, it's not that simple exactly. But one super fit mom, Kristy Ardo, incorporates her 19-month-old kid into her regimen for one ass-kicking workout. As evidenced on her Instagram, @baby_fitgym, you don't have to give up your fitness goals just because you have a baby.

It probably helps that Ardo is just 25 years old, but that doesn't mean her workout videos are any less inspiring. As she tells,

Everything was completely brand new after having Tucker. I suddenly had to figure out how to juggle my own health while taking care of a baby. With the lack of sleep, it was hard to find time or energy.

Not wanting to skip a moment of Tucker's development to put in time at the gym, Ardo wanted to figure out a way to maintain her physique while spending time with her son. The solution soon became very clear, as she explains,

One day I picked him up and did lunges and squats and he laughed and giggled the whole time. It made my workout fun and enjoyable. Now it is a great bonding time for us.

At four months old, Tucker was strong enough for Ardo to start incorporating him into her moves. Now, at 26 pounds, he serves as a cute baby and a great free weight.

Not gonna lie, I am so inspired to use my 18-pound pup as a workout tool now. Can't say he's going to like being bounced around, but Mommy needs to get her beach butt somehow.

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