11 Nostalgic Clothing Items That Every '90s Kid Needs To Add To Their Closet

by Brenda Santana

I can't say this enough but the '90s were by far the coolest decade in history. I understand everyone feels that way about the decade in which they grew up, but come on, we can all agree that the '90s were the best. Aside from the amazing music and even better TV show options, this decade gave us some awesome fashion options that today are nostalgic clothing every '90s kid needs.

Anyone who loves nostalgia, and wants to relive their favorite decade, needs to have a select number of carefully curated clothing items in their closet. You know, cute pieces inspired by the Spice Girls, Cher and Dionne from Clueless, and of course, anything worn by Naomi Campbell works perfectly as inspiration.

To relive this fabulous decade, you're going to need knee-high socks, all plaid everything, and faux fur as far as the eye can see. You're also going to need a lot of confidence to dress exactly as they did in the '90s, though the styles of this decade are back, people might look at you weird. (But honestly, who cares?)

Here are the clothing items you're going to need immediately.

Tattoo Chokers

These were not only adorable, they were super cheap and you could always find them in pretty much any store.

Vintage Oval Sunglasses

These glasses may not be for everyone, but styled correctly they'll give you the '90s cool-girl vibe.

A Scrunchie

Elastic bands are cool and all, but they snap and get lost so easily. The scrunchie is awesome because it keeps your hair in place and it can be matched with whatever you're wearing.

A Fanny Pack

What a better way to keep your eye on your belongings than to have them in a little kangaroo pouch right in front of you? Fanny packs are fun and practical.

Velvet Cabby Hat

You have to be really stylish to pull this one off but a velvet cabby hat can really pull a look together.

Cool Combat Boots

Come on, have combat boots ever been out of style?

A Plaid Skirt

Same goes for plaid skirts, they've always been pretty stylish.

Anything With Shoulder Pads

Every '90s aficionado needs shoulder pads.

Mary Janes

Whether they're chunky heels or platforms, Mary Janes can help pull any look together.

Mom Jeans

OK, I've been a lover of mom jeans since forever. This cut is very flattering on most body types.

Cute Mini Skirts

The right mini skirt will make your legs look miles long.

Long live the '90s!