'100 Years Of Wedding Dresses' Shows Brides Never Fail To Look Amazing (Video)

We know mainstream fashion and beauty trends are and always have been reflections of the times when they prevailed.

It's the reason bohemia and the free spirit ruled during the oppressive wartime period in the late 60s and why excess and glamour were de rigeur during the economic boom of the 80s.

But, does this pattern hold with bridal fashions? As you'll see in the video above, yes, the pattern holds to an extent.

The video, created by Mode, documents wedding dress trends over the past 100 years. While some aspects of the ideal dress stood the test of time -- the classic ivory color and the preference for a longer length -- others changed as mainstream fashion trends evolved. The 20s bride, for example, appropriated aspects of flapper culture, while the 70s bride did the same with hippie culture.

However, these changing wedding dress styles are perhaps less indicative of mainstream fashion trends than social norms because of one simple fact: Brides will always strive to look their best on their wedding days.

So what does a "perfect" bride look like? Take a look at the video above to find out.