This Is How Super Sexy Lingerie Has Changed Over The Past 100 Years (Video)

We've all seen the evolution of beauty and fashion trends over the years thanks to the "100 Years Of Beauty" video series created by The Cut.

But have you ever wondered what those women were rocking underneath the outfits of each decade?

Recently, the people at set out to give us all a history lesson on lingerie by stripping down to their skivvies and creating a video exploring undergarments worn throughout the past century.

The video, titled "100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes," takes you all the way back to 1915, a time where less exposed skin was definitely more, then progresses to the fun and flirty lingerie looks of each decade.

After revealing all of styles women wore throughout history, the video ends on a sweet note by showing women of all shapes and sizes looking simply flawless in lingerie.

Check out the video above to see 100 years of steamy lingerie looks.