10 People Reveal The Incredible Reasons They Knew They Found 'The One'

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling.

For some, it's instant. It's love at first sight. For others, falling in love takes time; it takes getting to know someone and his or her quirks and downfalls and adoring that person anyway.

There's no right way to love someone, but there's no wrong way. When you know you're in love, there's no going back.

On Whisper, the secret-sharing app, lovesick men and women spilled on the moments they knew they were hopelessly, irrevocably, undeniably in love.

And it's beautiful.

You know it's love when...

You're the person you want to be when you're with him or her

When your BF or GF promises to wait for you, and he or she does

When the little things make you feel like the luckiest person in the world

When he or she loves your flaws

When he or she takes you for who you are

When you can actually envision spending your life with that person

When "home is where the heart is" never made more sense

When he or she proves to be the person you always dreamed of

When, even in anger, you're hopelessly devoted

When those butterflies never go away