Cool Things Under $35 On Amazon You Never Knew Existed

They’re seriously useful, too.

Written by Claire Epting
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One of my favorite things about shopping online? Discovering weird but genius items that I had no clue even existed. Whenever you feel like you’ve settled into a routine, I can bet you there’s a brilliant product that could make your life so much easier. That’s why I’ve gathered a ton of cool things on Amazon that you’ve probably never heard of before — even better, my picks are all $35 or less. Whether it’s a clever gadget that simplifies a once-difficult chore or a fun addition to your patio, these are the little hidden gems you never knew you needed.

This Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush That Attaches To Your Drill

Regularly cleaning your dryer vent can help prevent fire hazards and can even help the appliance run more efficiently (that means lower energy bills). This circular brush has a 40-foot extension rod that allows it to reach deep inside your dryer vent, clearing out lint and debris that collects over time. Want to save yourself some time (and elbow grease)? You can even hook up the bottom of the cord to your power drill for faster cleaning.

The Car Wastebasket That Keeps Your Floors Nice & Clean

Securely attaching to your side door, headrest, or center console, this durable waste bin keeps your car’s floors free of litter — who doesn’t want that? The leakproof basket is fully waterproof and easy to clean, standing up to spills like a champ. Meanwhile, the magnetic lid prevents any scraps of trash from spilling out. An external mesh pocket provides a spot for some wipes, tissues, or anything else you like to have on hand.

  • Available colors: Gray/Black, Gray/Green
A Set Of Color-Changing Puck Lights You Can Install Anywhere

These LED puck lights are just so dang versatile; using the included remotes, you can control their brightness, set an automatic timer, or even change their color. Place the battery-powered lights under a cabinet, along the stairwell, in the closet... anywhere you want a little bit of extra visibility. They come with two installation options — mounting tape and screws — for even more customizability.

The Jumping Alarm Clock On Wheels That Forces You To Get Out Of Bed

If you find yourself repeatedly hitting the snooze button, you may need a more challenging alarm clock. That’s where Clocky comes in. Designed with two large wheels, the clever alarm clock jumps from your nightstand and rolls around your room — forcing you to get out of bed and chase it down. The wheels are powerful enough to roll over both carpeted and wooden floors, while the extra-loud alarm shakes you out of any deep slumber.

  • Available colors: 10
These Mosquito-Repelling Incense Sticks That Allow You To Enjoy The Outdoors

Nice weather means lazy evenings spent on the patio... but it can also mean mosquitos. Don’t let those pesky bugs ruin your fun — these incense sticks feature a blend of mosquito-repelling citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils. Each stick remains lit for about hours, and can be used in tandem to create a barrier around the perimeter of your porch.

A Durable Oudoor Dining Caddy With Space For All The Essentials

With enough space for your condiments, utensils, and tongs, this steel caddy is the perfect addition to your grill and patio dining setup. Above the wire basket, a built-in rod provides a spot for your roll of paper towels. A wooden handle at the top makes it easy to transport anywhere, from your backyard to the campsite.

This Powerful Electric Brush That Saves You From Scrubbing

Clearing away the stubborn grime from your grout lines and other tight spaces doesn’t have to be an exhausting task. In fact, this battery-powered scrubbing brush makes it easy — and, according to several reviewers, even kind of fun. The brush head rotates 60 times per second, lifting up dirt and residue with little elbow grease on your part. Try it on fixtures and car tires, too — you may never go back to old-fashioned scrubbing again.

The Fold-Out Makeup Bag You Can Hang Up Anywhere

With four folding compartments, this makeup bag is great for storing your toiletries and cosmetics while traveling. The zippered pouches are designed with transparent windows on the front, allowing you to view all your items at a glance. A sturdy metal hook at the top even gives you the option of hanging your bag on the door or curtain rod, so you can easily access your things while getting ready.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors and patterns: 8
A Dusting Sponge That Works With Just A Little Bit Of Water

The Scrub Daddy damp duster swipes away dust, debris, and even pet hair from your blinds, baseboards, vents, and other surfaces — and it only needs a little bit of water to work. Designed with rows of narrow ridges, the sponge traps the dirt coating your household surfaces, then rinses clean in the sink. It’s completely reusable — just remember to re-moisten it before your next cleaning session.

This Hydrating Serum Made With Real Snail Mucin

This ultra-hydrating facial serum is made with real snail mucin — a powerful essence that soothes dry skin and helps boost your natural glow. The lightweight formula absorbs easily into your face, providing a boost of moisture thanks to the addition of sodium hyaluronate. And in case you were wondering, no snails were harmed in the making of this product (yay!).

The Fan-Favorite Pet Hair Remover That *Really* Works

If your dog or cat is a heavy shedder, it’s time you were introduced to the ChomChom pet hair remover. Unlike disposable sticky tape rollers, this unique tool can be used over and over again — just run the head over your carpets, furniture, and clothing to lift up those pesky hairs. The collected fur is then stored neatly inside the chamber, allowing you to dump it directly into the wastebasket. Over 100,600 customers have given this roller a perfect five-star rating on Amazon, so you can feel confident that it actually works.

An Exfoliating Callus Gel That Leaves Your Soles Soft & Smooth

Thanks to this exfoliating foot gel, getting rid of calluses on your soles doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. All you need to do is leave the powerful formula on the bottoms of your feet for about five to 10 minutes, then follow up with a pumice stone. In just minutes, your rough, hardened skin will feel so much softer and smoother.

This Inflatable Lantern That’s Solar Powered

This inflatable solar lantern is the kind of thing that seriously comes in handy — use it for late-night hangs in the backyard, while camping, or just stash it in your closet so it’s at the ready during power outages. It can be charged via USB or the sun, and offers up to 24 hours of illumination when fully juiced. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and collapses for storage.

An Elegant Glass Pitcher That Serves Drinks With Style

Made of thick-cut glass, this elegant pitcher instantly elevates any gathering, whether you use it to serve lemonade, juice, or a batch cocktail. Helpful features such as a built-in handle and spout ensure that you have an easy time pouring your beverage into your guests’ glasses. Sized to fit in your fridge door, it comes with a locking lid that keeps your drink fresh while it chills.

This Water-Based Paint Pen That Freshens Up Your Grout Lines

You can instantly make grout lines look fresher and cleaner with this paint marker — no scrubbing required. The water-based formula can be applied to the grout surrounding your tiles, drying to a matte white finish. Each pen contains enough paint to cover up to 150 feet of grout, and there’s even a narrow-tip option for a more precise application.

The Reusable Gel Lint Roller That’s Great For Sprucing Up

Lint removers made of sticky tape constantly need to be replaced, but this ball-shaped gel roller can be used over and over again. With a compact size of 2.7 inches, the travel-friendly roller is especially great for lifting dust, fuzz, crumbs, and pet hair from your clothes and furniture. Simply rinse it under cool water to remove the debris and start fresh.

  • Available colors: Green, Maroon, Pink, White
A Portable Door Stopper With A Built-In Security Alarm

Perfect for hotel rooms, dorms, and apartments, this door stopper is equipped with a vibration-sensing alarm. Prop the battery-powered device underneath the door at night, then select from three sensitivity modes depending on the level of security you’d like to receive. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily bring it along on vacation or a business trip.

This Convenient Purse Hook That Keeps Your Bag Off The Ground In Public Places

Whether you’re in the bathroom, a restaurant, or the car, having a spot to hang your purse is oh-so handy. This sturdy metal clip holds bags up to 33 pounds — just open the ring and place it over any door, car seat headrest, or table. Measuring under 3 inches, it’s small enough to carry inside your purse — you can even wear it as a bracelet.

  • Available colors: 8
These Rechargeable Light Bulbs That Come In Handy In A Power Outage

It’s always a good idea to have a plan in case of a power outage — and these rechargeable LED light bulbs seriously come in clutch. They operate as regular LED bulbs in normal settings, but can provide up to four hours of light when the power is out. Each one comes with a plug cap that has a built-in hook for convenient hanging in low-light environments.

  • Available colors: Daylight, Soft White
A Portable Vanity Mirror With A Light-Up Border

Fixing your makeup on the go has never been easier, thanks to this rechargeable vanity mirror. It has an LED light border that illuminates your face while you apply your cosmetics or pluck your eyebrows, as well as a slim cover that folds into a countertop stand. To adjust the brightness, simply tap the touch sensor on the mirror’s surface.

  • Available colors: 9
These Storage Bags That You Can Slip Right Under Your Bed

Tight on storage in your home? Don’t let the space under your bed go unused. These fabric containers can hold shoes, blankets, pillows, clothes, or any other items that are filling up your closet. Each zip-up organizer has a pair of reinforced handles, as well as a transparent window on top for easily locating your items at a glance.

  • Available colors: Black, Gray, Java
A Pack Of Sticky Grippers That Keep Your Rug Corners From Curling

It may be a little thing, but keeping your rug’s corners smooth and flat can make your home look so much nicer. These sticky grippers are up to the task and — even better — they ensure your rug stays securely in place on your floor. Despite their excellent adhesion abilities, the grippers are still easy to lift up when it’s time to clean underneath the rug.

These Translucent Acne Patches That Discreetly Soothe Blemishes

The occasional breakout is just part of life — but thanks to the Mighty Patch, treating acne doesn’t have to be a big deal. Simply place one of the discreet stickers over your blemish, then leave it alone for six to eight hours. The medical-grade hydrocolloid pulls out gunk and excess oil, while the translucent covering prevents you from picking at the pimple.

Some Highly Absorbent Dishcloths That Could Replace Your Paper Towels

Highly absorbent and reusable, these Swedish dishcloths may end up replacing your disposable paper towels altogether. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s also good for your wallet — one pack of the machine-washable cloths can last you up to 12 months. Made from plant-based fibers, the textured cloths are soft when wet and stiff when dry, making them suitable for everything from sopping up kitchen spills to scouring the bathtub.

  • Available multipacks: 10
This Hydrating Face Cream Made With Real Snail Mucin

Believe it or not, snail mucin is a potent skin-care ingredient that can help lock in moisture and boost your natural radiance. This K-beauty face cream pairs it with soothing shea butter and aloe, resulting in a formula that hydrates and smooths dry skin. Don’t worry — the mucin is ethically harvested and cruelty-free, so you can rest assured knowing no snails were harmed in the making of this nutrient-rich product.

The Rotating Roasting Sticks For Perfect Hot Dogs & Marshmallows

Designed with easy-spin wooden handles, these rotating roasting sticks make it so easy to evenly cook hot dogs and toast marshmallows over the open campfire. Each one features a rotating handle and a pair of sturdy metal prongs — plus a unique biscuit dough attachment that allows you to puff up bite-size cups of biscuit dough. For a delicious treat, fill the dough cups with jam, marshmallow fluff, or whipped cream.

These Colorful Cupholders That You Can Stick In The Sand

When you’re at the beach, it’s nice to have a spot to keep your beverage handy (and sand-free). These sturdy plastic cupholders are designed with stakes that dig deep into the sand, keeping your can or bottle in place above the ground. Plus, there’s an extra compartment for holding your smartphone or sunglasses. The multipack includes four vibrant shades of orange, teal, yellow, and navy.

This Mesh Tote That Was Practically Made For The Beach

Made of lightweight mesh fabric, this breezy tote bag is perfect for carrying your beach or pool essentials, like a towel, sunscreen, magazines, and your water bottle. That said, it works just as well for farmers market hauls and daily errands. It comes in a wide range of hues, from neutral beige and black to bright pops of pink, ice blue, and lavender.

  • Available colors and patterns: 12
The TSA-Friendly Pump Bottles That Let You Bring Your Fave Toiletries Along

These mini pump bottles can be filled with lotion, soap, shampoo, or any other liquid you plan on traveling with — the 100-milliliter size ensures they’ll breeze through airport security. Both bottles fit inside the convenient carrying case, complete with a tight-fitting lid that prevents spillage while in transit.

  • Available colors: Blue, Pink
The Handheld Luggage Scale That Saves You From Overweight Baggage Fees

Before you embark on your next vacation, use this handheld scale to make sure that your luggage won’t accrue any overweight charges. The compact gadget has a fabric loop that hooks onto your bag’s handle — simply lift the scale to suspend the bag off the ground, and read the weight on the bright LCD screen. It measures baggage up to 110 pounds, so you can even use it to weigh heftier suitcases.

These Elastic Straps That Keep Your Fitted Sheet Secure

It’s annoying when your fitted sheet creeps up over your mattress, but these elastic straps can keep it from ever happening again. Each one is designed with three sturdy metal clamps that fasten onto the hem of your sheet — simply adjust the length of the straps to pull the corners taut. You can use them on any size sheet, from twin all the way to California king.

  • Available colors: Black, White, Gray
A Magnetic Screen Door Attachment That Lets Breezes In & Keeps Flies Out

Easy to install with the included hook-and-loop tape or thumbtacks, this mesh screen door allows you to enjoy the breeze without letting pesky bugs inside. It’s equipped with a series of magnet closures that run down the center, so you can easily push the panels aside when you wish to pass through. The magnets quickly seal the door behind you, without any effort on your part.

The Ergonomic Pillow That Helps Relieve Back & Hip Discomfort

Constructed from thick memory foam, this ergonomic pillow elevates your legs at the optimal angle while you lie down. The wedge-shaped cushion’s unique design may help relieve hip and lower back strain, while also improving circulation. Not to mention, it’s infused with a cooling gel — making it ideal for hot sleepers. The cover is removable and washable.

These Spiked Shoe Attachments That Make Aerating Your Lawn Easy

Aerating the soil in your lawn can help keep your grass healthy, but paying for a service is expensive. That’s why these spiked shoe attachments are so genius — they secure to your soles with buckled straps, allowing you to aerate your soil simply by walking over it. Simply install the nails into the platforms using the included screwdriver before getting to work.

A Mini Tire Pressure Gauge That Hooks Onto Your Key Chain

You never know when (or where) you’re going to need to check your tire pressure. This mini gauge accurately reads your tire’s air pressure and tread depth levels, displaying the number on the easy-to-read LCD screen. A set of colored bar lights indicate when your tires need refilling or replacing, so you won’t end up stuck with a flat out on the road. It’s so compact, it even fits on your key chain — so you’ll never be without it.

  • Available colors: Red, Black
This Space-Saving Bread Dispenser That Stores Loaves Vertically

The Bread Buddy dispenser is designed to keep your sliced loaves fresher for longer — a tight-fitting lid over the plastic container keeps air and bugs out. It also allows you to store your bread vertically, which saves you precious room inside the pantry. Just pull down on the sides of the plastic bag to raise your loaf up through the dispenser, slice by slice.

  • Available colors: Red, White
The Sleek, Contemporary Cereal Dispenser That Looks Great On Your Countertop

With a sleek, contemporary appearance, this cereal dispenser looks great on any countertop. But beyond that, it’s seriously useful — the lever-switch mechanism allows you to pour just the right amount of cereal into your bowl without any mess. It’s also specifically designed not to crush your cereal, unlike other rotating switch alternatives.

  • Available colors: White, Black
An Electric Water Pump That Attaches To A Water Cooler Jug

This electric water pump makes any home or office setup feel instantly more elevated — and it saves you from having to get up to refill your glass throughout the day. And while it’s compatible with smaller bottles, it works perfectly with water cooler jugs — that means you don’t have to flip the jug upside down to install it on the dispenser (genius). The USB-rechargeable unit can be hooked up to any large water bottle with the included silicone hose. Once it’s all set up, you can easily adjust the pumping level using the keypad on the base.

  • Available colors: 6
This Slow-Feeding Mat That Keeps Your Dog Occupied

With a textured silicone surface, this slow-feeding mat keeps your dog occupied for up to 15 minutes. And since it attaches via suction cups to the wall, it’s perfect for distracting your pup while you wash their fur or trim their nails. Spread on peanut butter, wet food, or any other soft snack — for an added challenge, place the mat in the freezer before giving it to your dog.

  • Available colors: 5
A Sprayer Attachment That Lets You Bathe & Pet Your Pup At The Same Time

Fitting over your hand, this sprayer attachment is designed to make bath time more enjoyable for your dog (and less stressful for you). It hooks up to both shower spigots and garden hoses, so you can wash your pup in the bathtub or out in the yard. The attachment gently diffuses the water that flows out, creating a relaxing experience that puts your dog at ease. Plus, the handheld tool also doubles as a scrubber — the small nodules massage the shampoo into your pet’s fur.

The Wood Repair Kit That Gives New Life To Old Furniture

Complete with six colored wax sticks and matching markers, this repair kit allows you to breathe new life into your old wooden chairs, tables, and cabinets. The wax sticks fill in deep scratches and nicks, while the markers effortlessly cover up light scuff marks. With hues such as maple, oak, and mahogany, you’ll have luck touching up a wide range of furniture pieces.

This Wall-Mounted Organizer For Your Garden & Cleaning Tools

Designed with five slots for your brooms and rakes, this tool organizer keeps your garden shed tidy and clutter free. A set of six hooks provides even more storage for your gloves, shovels, and other small handheld tools. Holding up to 35 pounds, the weatherproof rack mounts to your shed or garage wall with the set of included screws.

  • Available colors: Black, Beige, Gray, White
A Microneedling Roller That Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Covered in tiny needles, this facial roller works to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate new cell growth — which may result in a smoother, glowier complexion overall. The wallet-friendly tool also preps skin for your serum and moisturizer, allowing for better absorption. You don’t need to use it daily to see results — many reviewers reported positive changes in their skin with only weekly use.

This Mini Air Purifier That Removes Unwanted Odors In Small Spaces

Stick this mini air purifier in the fridge to remove unwanted odors once and for all. The rechargeable gadget works by circulating oxygen to the far corners of your refrigerator, dissipating smells of old produce and leftovers. You can also place this pocket-size deodorizer in the car, the shoe closet, or anywhere else you want to keep smelling fresh.

A Heat-Resistant Tool That Pushes & Pulls Your Hot Oven Rack

Don’t risk burning your fingers through your oven mitts or pot holders — this silicone tool allows you to push or pull your oven rack with ease. The 11-inch handle ensures your hands remain at a safe distance as you move the hot rack, while a notch at the opposite end of the tool enables you to hang it on a hook when not in use.

This Window Cleaning Cloth That Just Needs A Bit Of Water To Work

With this microfiber cloth, you can skip the chemical cleaners — it just needs a bit of water to effectively wipe away dust and residue from your windows and mirrors. Thanks to the dense, dual-layer fabric, the rag polishes your glass surfaces and leaves a streak-free shine. Plus, it’s machine-washable, making maintenance a breeze.

The Classic Stein That’s A Must For Fans Of Beer

You don’t have to wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy a crisp mug of German beer. This dimpled glass beer stein keeps your beverage ice cold (and looking picture perfect). A sturdy glass handle ensures your hand won’t warm up the glass — you can even pop the entire mug in the freezer before serving.

These Umbrella Anchors That Save You Time At The Beach

When you’re at the beach, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly adjusting an umbrella that keeps tipping over. These nifty sand anchors keep your beach umbrellas rooted in place — they won’t budge, even in winds up to 50 miles per hour. Made of lightweight plastic, the anchors twist easily into the sand and can be conveniently packed inside your beach tote when your day is done.

Some Clever Flashlight Gloves With So Many Practical Uses

Who knew that having a pair of fingerless flashlight gloves would come in handy? Designed with a pair of battery-powered LED bulbs, each stretchy glove fits snugly on your hand, illuminating the space around your fingertips. Use them while working on a low-light DIY project, knitting, reading, camping... the list goes on. They even prove helpful when you’re walking the dog at night.

  • Available colors: 4
The Tiered Knife Block That Fits Neatly In Your Drawer

With space for up to nine knives, this sleek tiered organizer fits neatly inside your drawer, freeing up the space your knife block might be taking up on your counter. Nonslip feet on the bottom of the unit keep it from sliding around, and, thanks to its slim design, you can even fit two next to each other for extra storage. Choose from gray, blue, white, and even a bamboo wood option.

  • Available colors: 4
These Durable Straps For Hanging Swings & Hammocks

Whether you’re planning on setting up a hammock or hanging a swing, you’ll need durable reinforcement — these 10-foot-long straps will do the trick. Made of rip-resistant polyester, the straps attach to your tree branch with a set of sturdy metal buckles. Simply hook the carabiner clips at the bottom to your hammock or swing seat. Plus, the straps are tree branch-friendly, thanks to a pair of protective pads.

A Light-Up Dog Leash For Walking Your Pup At Night

If you need to take your pooch for a quick stroll at night, do yourself a favor and invest in this light-up leash to enhance visibility. Equipped with an LED light strip, the rechargeable leash provides up to seven hours of illumination when fully powered up. It comes in both 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, as well as a variety of high-visibility colors such as blue, red, and yellow.

  • Available sizes: 4 feet, 6 feet
  • Available colors: 8
This Laundry Detergent Holder That Saves You From Heavy Lifting

Instead of constantly lifting your hefty laundry detergent bottle each time you pour, consider investing in this storage tray. It keeps the spout tilted at an angle, so you can easily dispense just the right amount into your cup. Not to mention, it has a built-in drip tray that catches excess liquid from the spout. Pure genius.

  • Available colors: 6
A Solar-Powered Lamp That Brings Beauty To Your Patio

Believe it or not, this stunning mosaic ball is completely solar powered. The eye-catching decor piece looks lovely on a patio table or porch. Just place it in the sunlight during the day, then move it to your desired location in the evening. The weather-resistant fixture automatically lights up when the sun goes down, so you can enjoy its warm, ambient glow as you unwind.

These Whimsical Self-Watering Plant Stakes For Busy Plant Owners

Love your plants, but keep forgetting to water them? Try these whimsical self-watering stakes. Just fill them to the top with water, stick them in the dirt, and leave them be — the terra cotta stakes keep your houseplants watered for up to five days. Not to mention, with their colorful mushroom shape, they’re cute as heck.

This Immersive VR Headset That’s Surprisingly Wallet-Friendly

This cool virtual reality headset offers a novel way to enjoy video games — and it doesn’t break the bank, either. Fitting comfortably over your face thanks to a set of breathable foam pads and adjustable straps, the gadget gives you a totally immersive viewing experience. It’s compatible with any smartphone that has a gyro sensor and a screen measuring 4 inches to 6.3 inches.

The Makeup Removing Towel That Works With Just Water

The Original Makeup Eraser removes foundation, eyeshadow, and even stubborn waterproof mascara with nothing but water. Covered in patented fibers, the cloth absorbs makeup, oil, and dirt with just a simple swiping motion. And no, it’s not sorcery — according to the 5,000 customers who gave it a perfect five-star rating, it actually works. This cost-efficient cloth will replace your disposable makeup wipes in one fell swoop.

  • Available colors: 15
A Vibrant Hummingbird Feeder That Adds Some Color To Your Backyard

Not only does this hummingbird feeder attract your adorable winged friends to your backyard, but it also infuses your outdoor space with vibrant color. The lightweight feeder combines bold shades of red, blue, yellow, and green, mimicking the brightly hued flowers that hummingbirds are drawn to. Their long beaks fit inside the flower-shaped openings, allowing them to suck up nectar with ease.

  • Available styles: 4
These Cat Scratch Shields That Keep Your Furniture Safe From Kitty Claws

Your cat may view your couch as their own personal scratching post, but these flexible plastic shields will keep the sides of your sofa free of rips and tears. The self-adhesive panels can easily be cut down to size, then secured with the included twist pins. Thanks to their transparent design, you’ll barely even notice they’re there — but your cat’s claws won’t be able to pierce them.

A Set Of Reusable Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

These reusable silicone lids stretch to fit over square and rounded containers, creating a leakproof, airtight seal. Not to mention, they’re freezer- and oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a great tool for meal prep. This variety pack comes with seven transparent lids in various sizes, ranging from 2.6 inches all the way up to 12 inches.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — XX-Large