50 Cool Things That Seem Expensive But Are Cheap As Hell On Amazon

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While treating yourself to a splurge-worthy item you’ve been eyeing may sound enticing, it’s not always the most practical choice. So, save your money (you know you’ll thank me later) and consider browsing Amazon for affordable alternatives instead. Fortunately, there are dozens of cool things that seem expensive but are cheap as hell on Amazon. To help you narrow down your shopping list, I’ve narrowed down 50 of the coolest products on Amazon that look expensive but simply aren’t.

And, when I say they’re cheap as hell, I really mean it — in fact, all of the items on this list are under $50. To provide some context, the most expensive item is a super-cozy set of sheets designed to last for seasons to come, while the least expensive item is a set of silky smooth satin pillowcases that clock in at under $10. You’ll find way more than just bedroom essentials, too. Other top picks include personal care and beauty essentials, such as a 10-speed flat iron with ceramic coating and a waterproof electric razor with a built-in LED light. There are plenty of tech products on the list as well, including a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker and a Wi-Fi-enabled light switch. And it’s easy to upgrade your home decor — without spending a ton of money — with some adhesive marble-print wallpaper or peel-and-stick tile.

Keep reading for some cool products that seem expensive but are actually cheap AF — all of which you can score on Amazon right now.

This Motion-Sensor Night Light For Under Your Bed

If you’ve ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, grab a snack, or fill up a drink, you know the struggle of fumbling through the darkness in an attempt to make your way back to bed. Stick this motion-activated night light under your bed to keep stubbed toes to a minimum. It also features an automatic shut-off timer so you can just get in bed and fall back to sleep.

This Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

This flat iron heats up in just 90 seconds and features tourmaline ceramic plates that help minimize frizz and leave hair feeling shiny. It also has 10 adjustable temperature settings ranging between 265 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit — plus an LED display and 360-degree swivel cord for ease of use. And if you typically freak out about leaving yours on, the one-hour automatic shut-off will give you peace of mind. According to the manufacturer, it’s suitable for use on all hair types.

This Handmade Blanket That Comes In Four Colorful Stripes

This machine-washable blanket is oversized enough to use as a rug if you wanted to. The thick handwoven construction and recycled acrylic fabric make it sustainable and durable. As a throw, this fringe blanket is so soft and 100% hypoallergenic. Plus, it comes in four super colorful stripe options.

  • Available colors: 4
An Indoor Security Camera With A Built-In Speaker & Microphone

If you’ve wanted a home security camera but put it off due to budget, turn to this wansview camera. The camera, which connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled via the wansview cloud smartphone app or Amazon Alexa, comes complete with built-in two-way audio, so you can easily communicate with other members of your household. It also has built-in motion detection technology and night vision.

This Bidet Attachment To Upgrade Your Toilet

Use this bidet toilet attachment to instantly upgrade your bathroom. It features an adjustable spray nozzle to control the water pressure. Reviewers especially love how easy it is to install and how well the attachment works, especially given its affordable price tag. “Easy installation, and works perfectly!” wrote one fan. “For the price this thing is immaculate!”

A Bluetooth Adapter For Cars & Home Stereo Systems

No Bluetooth? No problem. This Bluetooth adapter receiver was specifically designed for car and home stereo systems that lack Bluetooth connectivity — so you can (finally) ditch some of those cords. With this handy little product, you won't have to stock up on or carry extra dongles for the car — or ever get stuck listening to radio stations you don’t love.

This Fan-Favorite Device For Streaming TV & Movies

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Light has racked up more than 150,000 ratings (and counting), and allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies in high-definition. Don’t feel like manually scrolling through different streaming services to find your favorite show? Simply ask Alexa to pull it up for you. One reviewer described, “I love the voice control. It’s a must nowadays. Highly recommend!”

A Travel Jewelry Box With Sneaky Necklace Storage

This lightweight and velvet travel jewelry box has the sneakiest spot for your necklaces behind the mirror. It’s complete zero-tangle holders to hang them on. Plus, the mirror stops them from getting stuck in your other jewelry. Meanwhile, your rings, earrings, and bracelets also have plenty of space.

This Tablet Wall Mount To Easily Manage A Smart Home

Effortlessly manage your smart home when you have your iPad situated in one of these tablet wall mounts. It’s made of soft silicone that won’t scratch your tablet and includes all the hardware you need to install it with ease. The mount is compatible with most iPad models and built-in anterior space conveniently allows room for a charging cable to be attached.

This Farmhouse-Chic Bread Bin That Adds Style To Your Kitchen

Unlike floral printed or vintage-style options, this cute, farmhouse-chic bread box won’t clash with your stove — it adds just the right amount of personality to any decor, without overwhelming it. Made of powder-coated stainless steel, it’s big enough to fit two large bread loaves (or other baked goods), and it allows enough airflow to prevent mold. Though it looks like something you’d get at a quaint boutique, it costs just $30 on Amazon.

A Compact Humidifier With Multiple Speed Settings

Though small in size, this cool mist humidifier works powerfully — and quietly — throughout the day or night. According to the manufacturer, it offers up to nine hours of continuous misting. Switch between speed settings using the adjustable dial. “Works great, extremely quiet and fits great into a small space,” wrote one reviewer.

This LED Showerhead That Changes Color With The Water Temperature

This high-pressure showerhead is equipped with LED lights that cycle through three different colors based on the water temperature (green, blue, and red). It also features special stones, which, according to the manufacturer, work to help filter the water. Reviewers have noted that they especially love how cool the LED lights look in the shower.

These Remote Control-Operated LED Lights For Your TV

Take your streaming obsession to the next level by decorating your TV with these easy-to-install precut LED lights. Use the included remote control to switch between 16 colors and four lighting modes. “The colors look so cool, and it’s a great value for the price,” wrote one reviewer.

This Plush Pillow With Removable Filling To Keep You Cool & Comfy

Unlike your traditional pillow, this Dream Rite pillow features hypoallergenic foam filling that you can easily remove depending on if you prefer a softer or firmer feel. The pillowcase is made with a blend of viscose rayon and polyester for added breathability and to help keep you cool. One reviewer described it as “the most comfortable pillow I have ever tried.”

A Sugar Dispenser That Gives You Precise Control

If you’re a diehard coffee-with-sugar kind of person, you will love this glass sugar dispenser that allows you to control just how much sweetness you want by using a handy thumb trigger (no extra spoons required!). The jar is easy to refill and features a tight seal to keep sugar fresh. It’ll look great on any countertop and can even be used to dispense honey as well.

This Chic Set Of Pitchers That Fancy Up Any Table

Add a touch of sophistication to your serve wear with these glass pitchers. They come two to a package, and feature a narrow neck that’s easy to grab and pour from. Whether it’s for your morning orange juice or batched cocktails at a party, you’ll appreciate the plastic lids they come with, too.

The Teapot That Lets You Brew Your Tea Directly Inside

This striking transparent teapot is made of glass and a stainless steel. Even though it looks delicate, it’s safe to use on the stovetop, microwave, and even the dishwasher. Simply insert your loose leaf tea into the center infusion chamber and you’ll have beautifully brewed tea in no time.

This Sleep Mask With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

This Bluetooth-enabled sleep mask — which is designed to block out light for a better sleep — is equipped with built-in headphones that offer over 10 hours of playing time, making it easy to listen to your favorite tunes as you drift off to sleep. Reviewers have raved about how comfortable the mask is, as well as how incredible the sound quality is. One fan wrote: “This is the best sleep mask I’ve ever used. The sound is perfect with awesome volume control and it’s actually comfortable enough to sleep in.” A USB charging cable and storage pouch are also included.

This Waterproof Protector For Your Mattress

This waterproof mattress protector protects your bed against stains and liquids and can fit mattresses up to 21 inches thick. Its soft terry cloth material is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, and, most importantly, comfortable. One reviewer wrote: “This product is amazing! It is extremely soft and fits perfectly on the mattress.” It’s available in eight sizes to fit mattresses ranging from crib to California king.

A Roll Of Marble Paper For All Of Your Redecorating Needs

This peel-and-stick contact paper can make surfaces look like marble — without the high cost. Reviewers have used the PVC paper with self-adhesive to cover everything from desks to countertops. One fan raved, “It’s super easy to install and immediately upgrades your space to look more modern and put together.” Let the DIY projects commence!

A Durable Door Lock For Added Protection

This metal door lock offers an added sense of security to any inward-swinging door. The manufacturer specifies that once it’s installed, it can “withstand 800 Ibs of force” to prevent kick-ins. According to one reviewer: "This is a great alternative to spending a lot of extra money on a locksmith to install a more secure lock. We tested these on all exterior/entry doors and there is no way that an intruder could kick the door in while these locks are locked.”

These Easy-To-Install Adhesive Tiles To Transform Your Backsplash

This peel-and-stick tile can help you upgrade your kitchen or bathroom backsplash without the hassle of real tile (and without blowing your budget). Made with moisture- and heat-resistant materials. With their marble-patterned design and glossy finish, the tiles are just as stylish as they are functional. “Super cute and easy to install,” one reviewer wrote.

A Peel-And-Stick Backsplash That Resembles Subway Tiles

Make it appear as if you indulged in a serious kitchen reno when in fact you spent less than $30 on this peel-and-stick tile backsplash. The design takes after the classic subway tile look and comes in seven different colors such as bright white, teal, and blue. The material is both heat and moisture-resistant and installs effortlessly with the included self-adhesive.

A Set Of Umbrella Lights To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Brighten up your outdoor space with these cool patio umbrella lights. They run on AA batteries and offer eight dimmable brightness levels and lighting modes, which you can select using the wireless remote control. According to one reviewer, “These work out perfect for my patio! They were easy to install, offer several different twinkle/lighting options and add a touch of elegance to my patio umbrella!”

This Magnetic Screen Door That Opens From The Side

This mesh screen door features a magnetic curtain that automatically shuts behind you, allowing you to pass through without having to double back to close it. The sideways opening also adds a nice touch. According to one reviewer: “I really like that it opens to one side, this means that I don't have an ugly dark line in the middle of the door interrupting the view.” Plus, the hook-and-loop installation makes it easy to put up or take down.

A Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs With 16 Million Color Options

These smart light bulbs can help create any ambiance, whether you’re hosting a small get-together, study session, or romantic date night. Control them using your smartphone or your voice (as long as you’ve connected them to your Alexa or Google Home). Choose from 16 million color options, including a range of cool and warm whites. You can also set timers, schedule the lights on and off, or program them to mimic the sunrise or sunset.

This Wireless Doorbell With 52 Sounds To Choose From

This waterproof wireless doorbell has a built-in stereo speaker, which offers 52 sounds and five adjustable volume levels. It’s battery-powered, and the battery can last up to three years. To install the doorbell, either use double-sided tape (included) or screws (also included). “Very easy to install and works amazing!” wrote one reviewer.

A Set Of Stemless Wine Glasses Made Of Stainless Steel

These stainless steel wine glasses are an amazing investment at $22, because of the fact that they will never break on you. They come in a set of four and are available in lots of fun colors and finishes such as sleek brushed stainless steel (pictured above), dreamy green, and an ombre pacific blue rose shade. They each hold up to 18 ounces and show great temperature retention, keeping your chilled rosé crisp throughout the day or night.

This Seed Starter Kit For Growing Delicious Peppers From Home

Feel like a masterful green thumb for only $20 with this seed starter kit that allows you to grow tasty peppers from your very own home. The kit comes with six pots, six peat discs, and six seed packets of various hot and sweet peppers including jalapeno, habanero, cayenne, and California Wonder peppers. Perfect for new or experienced gardeners, the kit comes with enough seeds for multiple sowings, saving you tons of future money spent at the market.

These Colorful Vanity String Lights To Level Up Your Mirror Selfie Game

Take your mirror to the next level — and enhance your mirror selfie game — with these LED string lights. Featuring 36 different lighting options, the lights can be turned on or off with the touch of a button. One reviewer described, “I'm in love! I have been looking for the perfect glare for the mirror. That gave me that luxurious and expensive appearance, but not the high price.”

A 3-Pack Of Cute Rustic-Looking Wall Shelves

It’s time to use up that empty wall space you’ve been meaning to decorate. These floating wall shelves are super cute and perfect for displaying your favorite accessories — such as houseplants, books, and other knickknacks — for all to see. Plus, their rustic-looking wooden design is perfectly on-trend. Choose from seven shelf colors.

A Bento Lunch Box That Comes With 2 Containers

Feel free to feast midday with this bento lunch box that comes with two large-capacity containers complete with an airtight bamboo lid that can double as a cutting board. Built-in dividers help you keep food separate and a small sauce container is included for salads and more. One real perk is that this bento box can go right from the freezer to the microwave to the dishwasher, making preparing, eating, and cleaning a breeze.

This Pair Of Solar-Powered Security Lights

Protect your property from potential intruders with these solar-powered security lights, which automatically turn on when motion is detected. They’re made with durable materials that are waterproof, weather-resistant, and heatproof. Reviews have appreciated how bright they are — one reviewer attested, “Lights up the area so well! Very impressive!” Users can choose from three lighting modes.

A Purple Hair Mask That Restores Blonde Shades To Their Former Glory

If your blonde locks have begun to lose their luster, grab this purple hair mask asap and restore them to their former brilliance. It neutralizes brassiness with its purple-violet shade and includes hydrating ingredients such as coconut and marula oil to add conditioning. As a bonus, the formula is vegan and cruelty-free, being made without many toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

This Set Of Floor Mats That Are Comfortable To Stand On

These cushioned, nonslip kitchen floor mats come in sets of two and offer comfortable support as you cook and clean. They’re made of a durable PVC that can be easily cleaned using a wipe or vacuum. One reviewer raved, “I love how thick and comfortable these mats are to stand on. They are also very easy to clean.” Choose from five colors.

A Small Vanity Mirror In A Cloud Shape

For a mere $11, this cloud-shaped vanity mirror will make your space feel that much more elegant and spacious. It’s made of shatterproof acrylic yet performs the same as glass and comes with a chic bamboo base. Use it in any room of your home as it will be sure to complement any decor.

This Foot Peel Mask That Uses Powerful Fruit Extracts

This foot peel mask harnesses the power of nature by using potent fruit extracts and acids to slough off dead skin and produce baby soft feet. Simply slip on the booties for 60 minutes and watch as your feet start to magically peel within six to 11 days. Two pairs come in this pack that costs less than $20 with masks available in different scents such as coconut and lavender.

A Pack Of Vacuum Storage Bags Perfect For Storing Seasonal Items

If large and heavy seasonal items are taking up too much closet space, these budget-friendly vacuum storage bags will make all the difference. They work with any standard vacuum which attaches to a triple-seal turbo valve to remove all air while a double-zip seal keeps things additionally airtight. Clothing and bedding will be protected from dust and mildew while taking up a minimum of space.

This Portable Door Lock For An Extra Sense Of Security

Use this portable door lock, which can be temporarily installed on any door that opens inward, anytime you want a greater sense of security. According to the manufacturer, its stainless steel construction is sturdy and secure, and one reviewer described, “it really bolts the one will be getting in unless they have the jaws of life.”

A Running Belt With A Super Slim Profile

This ingeniously designed and very affordable running belt hugs the body with its slim profile yet still has enough room to fit your phone, ID, and keys. There’s even a small hole for your corded headphones as well as a place to hold a small water bottle. It’s constructed of comfortable neoprene and is available in nine fun colors such as violet, green, and blue. As a bonus, it features a reflective stripe that can help others see you when hitting the pavement at night.

A Set Of Super-Soft Bed Sheets With 225,000-Plus Ratings

Treat yourself to a set of ultra-comfy sheets with this brushed microfiber set, which has garnered over 225,000 Amazon ratings. They’re made with a material that resists fading, stains, and wrinkles. Meanwhile, reviewers love how soft and comfortable the sheets are. Choose from six sizes (ranging from twin to split king, including extra-deep and extra-long varieties) and 42 colors and patterns.

This Pair Of Smooth Satin Pillowcases That Look & Feel Luxe

These satin pillowcases — which come in four sizes and 18 colors — are a great alternative to rougher fabrics, since they can help prevent hair breakage. One reviewer described, “Feels nice to lay on and keeps my hair from getting too frizzy or messy overnight.” Additionally, the soft material is wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.

A UV Flashlight To Tackle Unwanted Stains

This battery-powered UV flashlight helps you spot hard-to-find stains and spills, such as pet urine or food remnants. Reviewers expressed appreciation for how bright the light is — especially given its compact design. “You can see literally everything,” wrote one impressed reviewer. (For better or for worse.)

These Adorable Bubble Candles That Come In Different Color Combinations

These cute bubble candles come in a pack of two with tons of choices between different colors such as green, pink, and yellow to suit your space. They’re made of soy wax for a long burn and give off a floral scent. Use them as nice touches of whimsical decor or gift them to the candle-lover in your life.

An Inflatable Lounger That Comes In 16 Colors & Patterns

This inflatable outdoor lounger comes in 16 colors and patterns, and it features a built-in headrest for added comfort. It’s equipped with two mesh pockets and a bottle holder. One reviewer described it as “very comfortable,” adding, “Easy to inflate. Pocket was very convenient.” It also comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy storage, along with a stake and bottle opener.

This Comprehensive Knife Set And Holder

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen tools, this knife set will do the trick. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this kit comes with five knives, including a bread knife and a chef knife, plus a cutting board, scissors, and a knife sharpener. They all fit neatly in the two provided holders as well.

Under Eye Patches Made Of 24 Karat Gold

Take self-care to new heights but without the usual price tag by using these under eye patches made of actual 24 karat gold. Pop them on for 20 minutes at a time as additional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and collagen help to hydrate and smooth skin. And if you think true luxury has to cost a fortune, think again as these patches clock in at less than $20 for a healthy pack of 15.

This Cold Brew Maker For Smooth-Tasting Coffee

Kick your coffee-buying habit to the curb once and for all. (Your wallet will thank you!) Instead, snag this glass cold brew coffee maker and enjoy smooth, fresh-brewed java from the comfort of your home. The tight lid helps preserve freshness, while the mesh filter prevents grounds from getting into your cup.

This Fluffy Rug That Feels Like Velvet

Add a touch of luxury to your home with this fluffy area rug. Made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic polyester, it won’t irritate your skin. Plus, it stays firmly in place due to the PVC dots on the underside that grip your floors. Snag it one of several vibrant hues.

  • Available colors: 9
A Set Of Flameless Candles In Soft Amber Gold

These flameless candles safely cast the perfect atmospheric light due to their soft and warm amber-gold color. The candles are extremely realistic being made of authentic wax and require only three AA batteries each to glow for up to 150 hours. As even more added safety, the housing is made of plexiglass yet still gives off the look of real glass. Three pillar candles come in a set, each at a different height for maximum decor versatility.

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