50 Cool Things That Seem Expensive But Are Cheap As Hell On Amazon

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While treating yourself to a splurge-worthy item you’ve been eyeing may sound enticing, it’s not always the most practical choice. So, save your money (you know you’ll thank me later) and consider browsing Amazon for affordable alternatives instead. Fortunately, there are dozens of cool things that seem expensive but are cheap as hell on Amazon. To help you narrow down your shopping list, I’ve narrowed down 50 of the coolest products on Amazon that look expensive but simply aren’t.

And, when I say they’re cheap as hell, I really mean it — in fact, all of the items on this list are under $50. To provide some context, the most expensive item is a super-cozy set of sheets designed to last for seasons to come, while the least expensive item is a set of silky smooth satin pillowcases that clock in at under $10. You’ll find way more than just bedroom essentials, too. Other top picks include personal care and beauty essentials, such as a 10-speed flat iron with ceramic coating and a waterproof electric razor with a built-in LED light. There are plenty of tech products on the list as well, including a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker and a Wi-Fi-enabled light switch. And it’s easy to upgrade your home decor — without spending a ton of money — with some adhesive marble-print wallpaper or peel-and-stick tile.

Keep reading for some cool products that seem expensive but are actually cheap AF — all of which you can score on Amazon right now.

This Motion-Sensor Night Light For Under Your Bed

If you’ve ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, grab a snack, or fill up a drink, you know the struggle of fumbling through the darkness in an attempt to make your way back to bed. Stick this motion-activated night light under your bed to keep stubbed toes to a minimum. It also features an automatic shut-off timer so you can just get in bed and fall back to sleep.

This Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

This flat iron heats up in just 90 seconds and features tourmaline ceramic plates that help minimize frizz and leave hair feeling shiny. It also has 10 adjustable temperature settings ranging between 265 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit — plus an LED display and 360-degree swivel cord for ease of use. And if you typically freak out about leaving yours on, the one-hour automatic shut-off will give you peace of mind. According to the manufacturer, it’s suitable for use on all hair types.

This Best-Selling Device That Lures In & Traps Insects

This indoor insect trapper — which utilizes UV light to lure in critters — then keeps pesky flies and mosquitos away for good by trapping them on a sticky board. Once the glue board is filled with bugs, you can easily swap in a new one thanks to the unit’s refillable design (you get four glue boards with your purchase). The best part? There’s no annoying buzz sound so you can run it anytime without distraction.

An Indoor Security Camera With A Built-In Speaker & Microphone

If you’ve wanted a home security camera but put it off due to budget, turn to this Zmodo camera. The camera, which connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled via the Zmodo smartphone app or Amazon Alexa, comes complete with a built-in intercom, so you can easily communicate with other members of your household. It also has built-in motion detection technology and night vision.

This Bidet Attachment To Upgrade Your Toilet

Use this bidet toilet attachment to instantly upgrade your bathroom. It features an adjustable spray nozzle to control the water pressure. Reviewers especially love how easy it is to install and how well the attachment works, especially given its affordable price tag. “Easy installation, and works perfectly!” wrote one fan. “For the price this thing is immaculate!”

A Bluetooth Adapter For Cars & Home Stereo Systems

No Bluetooth? No problem. This Bluetooth adapter receiver was specifically designed for car and home stereo systems that lack Bluetooth connectivity — so you can (finally) ditch some of those cords. With this handy little product, you won't have to stock up on or carry extra dongles for the car — or ever get stuck listening to radio stations you don’t love.

This Fan-Favorite Device For Streaming TV & Movies

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Light has racked up more than 150,000 ratings (and counting), and allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies in high-definition. Don’t feel like manually scrolling through different streaming services to find your favorite show? Simply ask Alexa to pull it up for you. One reviewer described, “I love the voice control. It’s a must nowadays. Highly recommend!”

A Pack Of Smart Outlets To Control Your Appliances From Afar

These Gosund smart outlets can be controlled anytime, anywhere. Use the corresponding smartphone app to power them on or off and schedule timers. One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely adore this product. It's so easy to install and so easy to use.[...] I love how I can turn a light on even if I'm 2 hours away from my house.” Alternatively, connect the plugs to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device and use your voice to state commands.

This Smart Light Switch With Adjustable Brightness

This Wi-Fi-enabled smart dimmer switch allows you to control the brightness levels and set timers on your lights right from your smartphone. Either use the manufacturer’s corresponding app or connect it to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana (all of which allow you to control the switch using voice control). One fan praised: “Easy to install and works excellent.”

A Portable Blender That Whips Up Smoothies & Shakes In Seconds

Enjoy your favorite smoothies, shakes, and juices while on the go with this mini portable blender. It has a built-in USB-rechargeable battery, durable stainless steel blades, and an ultra-light design weighing in at just 1 pound. A self-cleaning function makes cleanup a breeze, too. One reviewer wrote: “Love this rechargeable blender! It’s very portable and I can take it to a picnic without a sweat because it has a built in battery.”

A Compact Humidifier With Multiple Speed Settings

Though small in size, this cool mist humidifier works powerfully — and quietly — throughout the day or night. According to the manufacturer, it offers up to nine hours of continuous misting. Switch between speed settings using the adjustable dial. “Works great, extremely quiet and fits great into a small space,” wrote one reviewer.

This LED Showerhead That Changes Color With The Water Temperature

This high-pressure showerhead is equipped with LED lights that cycle through three different colors based on the water temperature (green, blue, and red). It also features special stones, which, according to the manufacturer, work to help filter the water. Reviewers have noted that they especially love how cool the LED lights look in the shower.

These Remote Control-Operated LED Lights For Your TV

Take your streaming obsession to the next level by decorating your TV with these easy-to-install precut LED lights. Use the included remote control to switch between 16 colors and four lighting modes. “The colors look so cool, and it’s a great value for the price,” wrote one reviewer.

This Plush Pillow With Removable Filling To Keep You Cool & Comfy

Unlike your traditional pillow, this Dream Rite pillow features hypoallergenic foam filling that you can easily remove depending on if you prefer a softer or firmer feel. The pillowcase is made with a blend of viscose rayon and polyester for added breathability and to help keep you cool. One reviewer described it as “the most comfortable pillow I have ever tried.”

A Bluetooth Tracker So You Never Lose Your Essentials

If you’re prone to misplacing your products (we’ve all been there!) this Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker can help. Attach it to the item you’re most worried about misplacing (think: keys, wallet, luggage) to keep track of it. Afterward, download the corresponding app to monitor its location. You can also use the app to activate a feature where the tag emits a loud sound to help you find it even faster.

This Double-Sided Blanket Designed To Keep You Cool

This double-sided cooling blanket was designed with hot sleepers in mind. According to the manufacturer, its lightweight, breathable material is soft and comfortable — and many reviewers agree: “Very soft, comfortable, and cool,” wrote one reviewer. It’s available in four sizes — ranging from twin to California king — and three colors.

A Five-Tier Power Strip Tower For All Of Your Charging Needs

With four USB ports and a whopping 18 AC outlets, this power strip tower has plenty of space for all of your devices. It’s made up of five “stories” — each of which has its own on/off switch to save electricity. Even though it has plenty of room to plug stuff in, it doesn’t take up a lot of real estate, according to reviewers. One wrote, “It really saves a lot of space and eliminates multiple power strips.”

This Sleep Mask With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

This Bluetooth-enabled sleep mask — which is designed to block out light for a better sleep — is equipped with built-in headphones that offer over 10 hours of playing time, making it easy to listen to your favorite tunes as you drift off to sleep. Reviewers have raved about how comfortable the mask is, as well as how incredible the sound quality is. One fan wrote: “This is the best sleep mask I’ve ever used. The sound is perfect with awesome volume control and it’s actually comfortable enough to sleep in.” A USB charging cable and storage pouch are also included.

This Waterproof Protector For Your Mattress

This waterproof mattress protector protects your bed against stains and liquids and can fit mattresses up to 21 inches thick. Its soft terry cloth material is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, and, most importantly, comfortable. One reviewer wrote: “This product is amazing! It is extremely soft and fits perfectly on the mattress.” It’s available in eight sizes to fit mattresses ranging from crib to California king.

A Roll Of Marble Paper For All Of Your Redecorating Needs

This peel-and-stick contact paper can make surfaces look like marble — without the high cost. Reviewers have used the PVC paper with self-adhesive to cover everything from desks to countertops. One fan raved, “It’s super easy to install and immediately upgrades your space to look more modern and put together.” Let the DIY projects commence!

A Durable Door Lock For Added Protection

This metal door lock offers an added sense of security to any inward-swinging door. The manufacturer specifies that once it’s installed, it can “withstand 800 Ibs of force” to prevent kick-ins. According to one reviewer: "This is a great alternative to spending a lot of extra money on a locksmith to install a more secure lock. We tested these on all exterior/entry doors and there is no way that an intruder could kick the door in while these locks are locked.”

These Easy-To-Install Adhesive Tiles To Transform Your Backsplash

This peel-and-stick tile can help you upgrade your kitchen or bathroom backsplash without the hassle of real tile (and without blowing your budget). Made with moisture- and heat-resistant materials. With their marble-patterned design and glossy finish, the tiles are just as stylish as they are functional. “Super cute and easy to install,” one reviewer wrote.

A Pack Of Decorative Panels To Spruce Up Your Garage Door

Accessorize your garage door with these decorative magnetic panels, which look just like little windows. Suitable for metal garage doors, they’re designed to stay in place for years to come. One reviewer wrote: “I’m pleasantly amused that this works so well. It completely transforms the look of the garage door for a tiny investment.”

A Set Of Umbrella Lights To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Brighten up your outdoor space with these cool patio umbrella lights. They run on AA batteries and offer eight dimmable brightness levels and lighting modes, which you can select using the wireless remote control. According to one reviewer, “These work out perfect for my patio! They were easy to install, offer several different twinkle/lighting options and add a touch of elegance to my patio umbrella!”

This Magnetic Screen Door That Opens From The Side

This mesh screen door features a magnetic curtain that automatically shuts behind you, allowing you to pass through without having to double back to close it. The sideways opening also adds a nice touch. According to one reviewer: “I really like that it opens to one side, this means that I don't have an ugly dark line in the middle of the door interrupting the view.” Plus, the hook-and-loop installation makes it easy to put up or take down.

A Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs With 16 Million Color Options

These smart light bulbs can help create any ambiance, whether you’re hosting a small get-together, study session, or romantic date night. Control them using your smartphone or your voice (as long as you’ve connected them to your Alexa or Google Home). Choose from 16 million color options, including a range of cool and warm whites. You can also set timers, schedule the lights on and off, or program them to mimic the sunrise or sunset.

This Wireless Doorbell With 52 Sounds To Choose From

This waterproof wireless doorbell has a built-in stereo speaker, which offers 52 sounds and five adjustable volume levels. It’s battery-powered, and the battery can last up to three years. To install the doorbell, either use double-sided tape (included) or screws (also included). “Very easy to install and works amazing!” wrote one reviewer.

A Set Of Motion-Activated LED Stick-On Lights

Closets often aren’t equipped with the best lighting, but these battery-powered LED stick-on lights can help. They turn on when they detect motion within 10 feet. If nothing is detected after 20 seconds, the lights will automatically turn off. They run on AAA batteries, and reviewers have praised how bright the light is.

This Set Of Plug-In Repellers To Keep Pests Away

These plug-in indoor pest repellers utilize ultrasonic waves to quietly and effectively keep critters away. The small but powerful units come in packs of six and offer protection for up to 1,600 square feet of space. One reviewer recounted, “We spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of mice and rats, this is the only thing that has worked!”

These Colorful Vanity String Lights To Level Up Your Mirror Selfie Game

Take your mirror to the next level — and enhance your mirror selfie game — with these LED string lights. Featuring 36 different lighting options, the lights can be turned on or off with the touch of a button. One reviewer described, “I'm in love! I have been looking for the perfect glare for the mirror. That gave me that luxurious and expensive appearance, but not the high price.”

A 3-Pack Of Cute Rustic-Looking Wall Shelves

It’s time to use up that empty wall space you’ve been meaning to decorate. These floating wall shelves are super cute and perfect for displaying your favorite accessories — such as houseplants, books, and other knickknacks — for all to see. Plus, their rustic-looking wooden design is perfectly on-trend. Choose from seven shelf colors.

A Color-Changing Essential Oil Diffuser

This remote control-operated essential oil diffuser also doubles as a night light with seven color-changing LED light options. Its quiet operation is ideal for nighttime use, while its compact size is great for small spaces. One reviewer wrote: “I like that it's quiet and will run all night. Like the remote option to work it from the room. The variety of colors is nice too.” Just add your favorite essential oils and enjoy.

This Pair Of Solar-Powered Security Lights

Protect your property from potential intruders with these solar-powered security lights, which automatically turn on when motion is detected. They’re made with durable materials that are waterproof, weather-resistant, and heatproof. Reviews have appreciated how bright they are — one reviewer attested, “Lights up the area so well! Very impressive!” Users can choose from three lighting modes.

A Wireless Weather Station With An Alarm Clock & Calendar

Check the weather (without even having to check your phone!) using this handy wireless weather station, which can be powered via AAA batteries or a power adapter. The dimmable LCD screen displays indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature levels. Plus, the device doubles as an alarm clock (with a snooze mode) and a calendar.

This Set Of Floor Mats That Are Comfortable To Stand On

These cushioned, nonslip kitchen floor mats come in sets of two and offer comfortable support as you cook and clean. They’re made of a durable PVC that can be easily cleaned using a wipe or vacuum. One reviewer raved, “I love how thick and comfortable these mats are to stand on. They are also very easy to clean.” Choose from five colors.

A Soft Woven Rug For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

This stylish woven rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s both durable and soft, according to reviewers. It’s also easy to clean (just use a vacuum or hose it off with water), non-shedding, and stain-resistant. Choose from 16 different sizes and eight colors.

This Waterproof Electric Razor With Hypoallergenic Blades

This sleek waterproof electric razor has an IPX5 water-resistance rating, which means you can rinse it off without worry and even take it in the shower. It features pivoting, hypoallergenic blades for a close shave, and a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts up to a full hour if fully charged. Fans loved its lightweight design and smooth results. One reviewer raved, “Well made high quality hair trimmer. Works great dry and wet. I use on all my intimate areas with no bumpy rashes to appear later.”

An LED Lamp That Casts A Beautiful Sunset

Enjoy golden hour any time of day (or night!) with this LED projection lamp, which offers a beautiful and warm soft glow. Rotate the head up to 180 degrees to adjust the size and shape of the projection. One reviewer summarized, “This light is small in size but the large projection creates a 3D feeling like watching the sunset on the sea.”

This Portable Door Lock For An Extra Sense Of Security

Use this portable door lock, which can be temporarily installed on any door that opens inward, anytime you want a greater sense of security. According to the manufacturer, its stainless steel construction is sturdy and secure, and one reviewer described, “I use this at night to lock my front door and it’s just as strong as my dead bolt.”

A Miniature Fan That Can Stand Upright

While it may be small in size, this compact USB-rechargeable fan will keep you cool for up to 90 minutes. Hold it in the palm of your hand or use the included T-shaped stand to prop it up. “Perfect little lightweight personal fan!” exclaimed one reviewer.

A Set Of Super-Soft Bed Sheets With 225,000-Plus Ratings

Treat yourself to a set of ultra-comfy sheets with this brushed microfiber set, which has garnered over 225,000 Amazon ratings. They’re made with a material that resists fading, stains, and wrinkles. Meanwhile, reviewers love how soft and comfortable the sheets are. Choose from six sizes (ranging from twin to split king, including extra-deep and extra-long varieties) and 42 colors and patterns.

This Pair Of Smooth Satin Pillowcases That Look & Feel Luxe

These satin pillowcases — which come in four sizes and 18 colors — are a great alternative to rougher fabrics, since they can help prevent hair breakage. One reviewer described, “Feels nice to lay on and keeps my hair from getting too frizzy or messy overnight.” Additionally, the soft material is wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.

A UV Flashlight To Tackle Unwanted Stains

This battery-powered UV flashlight helps you spot hard-to-find stains and spills, such as pet urine or food remnants. Reviewers expressed appreciation for how bright the light is — especially given its compact design. “You can see literally everything,” wrote one impressed reviewer. (For better or for worse.)

This Super-Portable & Rechargeable Ring Light

Use this USB-rechargeable ring light — which offers three brightness settings — to level up your Instagram and Zoom game. Its compact design is especially convenient for on-the-go use. One reviewer wrote, “Wow is this bright for such a little light! Works great [...] Charges fast and easy to take with you.”

An Inflatable Lounger That Comes In 16 Colors & Patterns

This inflatable outdoor lounger comes in 16 colors and patterns, and it features a built-in headrest for added comfort. It’s equipped with two mesh pockets and a bottle holder. One reviewer described it as “very comfortable,” adding, “Easy to inflate. Pocket was very convenient.” It also comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy storage, along with a stake and bottle opener.

This Compact Waterproof Speaker That’s Easy To Carry

This compact Bluetooth speaker has an IPX7 rating which means it can go safely in the shower (it even comes with an optional suction cup), and since it’s equipped with a strap on the back, it’s also great for traveling, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The speaker offers 12 hours of battery life and charges completely in three hours. Many reviewers were impressed by the speaker’s sound. One fan wrote, “Sound [is] great for this smaller speaker. Has controls for volume up and down as well as track selection and power on [and] off on the back.”

A Set Of Insulated Tumblers To Keep Drinks Cool

These 12-ounce stainless steel wine tumblers are equipped with their own lids to prevent accidental spills. The manufacturer describes the durable, double-walled stainless steel construction as “shatterproof” and “indestructible.” Reviewers also report that they keep drinks cool: “Love these glasses! Keep drinks cool and maintain ice for long periods,” wrote one fan. Cheers to that.

This Cold Brew Maker For Smooth-Tasting Coffee

Kick your coffee-buying habit to the curb once and for all. (Your wallet will thank you!) Instead, snag this glass cold brew coffee maker and enjoy smooth, fresh-brewed java from the comfort of your home. The tight lid helps preserve freshness, while the mesh filter prevents grounds from getting into your cup.

This Wildly Popular Smart Plug That Syncs With Alexa

The Amazon Smart Plug has over 425,000 Amazon ratings and counting. It syncs with your Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to turn on your lights and devices with a simple voice command. Reviewers have loved how convenient the plug is to use, as well as how easy it is to set up. Don’t have a voice assistant activated? You can use the corresponding Alexa app to control your devices (from anywhere) instead.

A 13-Piece Stackable Mixing Bowl & Measuring Cup Set

Short on storage space but still love to bake and cook? If so, then consider stocking up on the tools you need with this stackable 13-piece mixing bowl set. In addition to a large and small mixing bowl, you’ll also get a set of measuring spoons and cups, a strainer, and a colander.