These 50 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon Have Been Incredibly Popular For Years — & Understandably So

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There’s lots of weird products out there, and our favorite retailer Amazon is a treasure trove of them all. Luckily, most of these weird things actually prove to be extremely helpful in our day-to-day lives, whether they assist with organization, our beauty routines, or with helping us become more eco-conscious.

When you realize how useful so many of these products are, they become less “weird” and more “genius,” quickly becoming things we simply cannot live without.

For example, at first glance, it’s tricky to tell what this beverage chiller actually does. But when you see how quickly it can turn your fresh, hot coffee to a perfectly-chilled iced coffee in the morning, you’ll suddenly be hooked. Or, when you look at these nail clips, you’re probably thinking: “WTF are those?!” But after just five minutes, when they remove all of the gel nail polish from your fingernails, you’ll be simply amazed and wonder how you ever settled for using foil before.

Thanks to Amazon, it’s easy to discover all of the weird-but-helpful products out there. Check out 50 on the best options being offered right now — it’ll be impossible not to add a few of these to your cart.

This Exfoliating Brush With An Ergonomic Handle

If exfoliating isn’t already part of your shower routine, this exfoliating brush makes it easy to incorporate it. With an ergonomic handle and gentle, flexible bristles, this brush can help exfoliate your entire body and prevent ingrown hairs or clogged pores — without any chemicals. Use it before shaving, a spray tan, or simply when you want a full-body massage.

A Portable Water Bottle With A Removable Infuser For Fruit

Give your daily hydration a little extra something-something with a water bottle that comes with a built-in fruit infuser. Whether you want a touch of lemon or the delicious taste of strawberry, this infuser makes it easy to give your water an improved, fresh taste. It even has a flip-top lid and fits into standard car cupholders to make portability of your infused water seamless.

A Set Of Silicone Measuring Cups For Easy Pouring

These measuring cups from OXO Good Grips can help you get accurate measurements for cooking and baking and are flexible enough to make pouring your liquids a breeze. This three-piece set comes with a 1/2-cup, 1-cup, and 2-cup sizes, all of which are made from bendy, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and BPA-free silicone. The honeycomb pattern inside makes these especially useful for warming up ingredients, as it helps to spread out the heat.

A Minimal Ingredient Balm That Removes All Of Your Makeup

Move over makeup wipes and micellar water — there’s a new makeup removal method in town. This cleansing balm requires nothing but the balm itself to remove stubborn makeup and SPF, all without leaving an icky residue behind. Plus, it has an extremely minimal ingredient list with just 10 things, so you can understand exactly what is in this balm.

A Reusable Face Roller That Works Better Than Blotting Papers

Chances are you have a pack of disposable blotting papers in your bag for those extra-hot, oily face days. This volcanic roller does the job of all of those blotting papers, all without messing up your makeup. It’s reusable, washable, portable, and gets the oil-eliminating job done in just a few seconds, which is why it has over 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This Simple Strainer That Attaches To Your Pasta Pot

If you previously thought it impossible to create a kitchen tool more genius than a strainer, you’ll be happy to know that an even easier model exists. This one is half the size of a traditional colander, but clips onto the edges of your pasta-cooking pot to keep the noodles inside the entire time they’re being strained, no more wishing you had a third arm. You’ll never use a normal colander again after one use of this.

This Box That Hides & Organizes Unsavory Cables & Cords

Very few people want to look at all the cables and cords around entertainment systems, computers, and so on, which is why this cable management box is such a godsend. Just place your power strip inside the box and let your various cords run through the specific notches on each side for a cleaner, more aesthetically-pleasing look.

A Set Of Spa Headbands With An Easy Velcro Closure

You never really think you need a headband with a velcro-like attachment until you have to wash a face mask off your face and can’t protect your hairline without getting stuff all over your pullover headband. These terry cloth headbands are perfect for those scenarios, as well as for makeup application, executing your skincare routine, and more. Not to mention the soft material is ultra-absorbent, adjustable, and non-slip.

The Makeup Sponges That Works Just As Well As Pricey Ones

Deemed as the perfect dupes for high-end makeup sponges on the market, this set of sponges will help you to perfectly apply and blend out your coverage products. With flat bottoms, pointed tips, and soft, rounded sides, these sponges can help create a more seamless makeup look all across your face with any liquid, creme, or powder products.

A Drawer Divider Made For Your Top-Drawer Intimates

It doesn’t take much to get your top drawer super messy, especially after spending the morning digging through it to find a matching pair of socks. These drawer dividers are perfect for keeping your intimates drawer organized with their designated compartments for bras, undies, socks, and undershirts. Choose between seven different colors for your organizer when you order.

A Beverage Cooler That Makes Hot Drinks Cold In 1 Minute

Sometimes, you just crave a perfectly-chilled beverage. This instant beverage cooler gives you that satisfaction of a nice, cold drink in seconds, making it the perfect thing to have around the house on a hot day. Use it for iced coffee in the morning, chilled wine at night, or any beverage in between throughout the day. It’ll turn any hot or room temperature beverage into a cold drink in under one minute.

These Shoe Organizers That You Can Store Under Your Bed

Shoes are difficult to store, especially if your small closet or entryway prohibits keeping more than one or two pairs out. This under-bed shoe storage makes storing your favorite sneakers, sandals, and flats easy with its separate compartments that fit up to 12 pairs and transparent design that lets you see what’s inside. If you have a large collection, the two storage bags that come in your order should help keep them all organized and out of the way.

A Satin Pillowcase With An Ultra-Luxe Feel

Not only will this satin pillowcase make your bed look ultra-luxe, but it might even be gentler on your hair and skin while you sleep too. This soft and sheen pillowcase, which comes in 25 colors and four different sizes, may help reduce frizz and skin irritation while you snooze, unlike traditional cotton pillowcases that are a little too rough on your hair and face, especially if you’re constantly tossing and turning.

A Kitchen Scale That Gives You The Most Precise Measurements

Having this precise kitchen scale on your counter while you’re cooking or baking will be such a game changer, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. With a weight range of 0.04 ounces to 11 pounds, this scale will help accurately measure out any of your ingredients while whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, and even automatically subtracts the weight of any bowl your stuff is sitting in on top of the scale.

These Spiral Hair Ties That Are Gentle On Your Strands

These spiral hair ties are superior options to traditional hair ties, thanks to their gentleness on your locks that prevent breakage and creasing. The phone cord-line design also is gentler on your wrist than normal hair ties and prevent that weird post-ponytail bump when you take your hair down.

An Outlet Extender With A Clever Shelf To Hold Your Devices

This outlet extender shelf is a true two-in-one product: it adds much-needed outlets to your home and can hold devices with short cords while they charge, keeping your phone, portable charger, and electric toothbrush from awkwardly dangling against the wall. With six traditional outlet faces, two USB ports, and one USC port, this outlet extender can comfortably and safely (thanks to the surge protector) charge tons of devices and store them on the shelf right above it — no 10-foot chargers needed.

These Containers That Keep Your Produce Fresh For Longer

Wilted greens, soft squash, and squishy berries seem inevitable, but actually can be remedied easily with these produce saver containers. Each in this three pack of containers comes with a water drain plate that filters moisture into a separate area of the container, keeping your produce dry inside. Plus, these containers are stackable for easy refrigerator storage and organization.

A Dish Drying Rack That Even Works With Small Kitchens

Whether you have a cramped kitchen or just don’t want to take up your precious counter space with a bulky dish drying rack, this over-the-sink rack is perfect for you. This stainless steel rack rolls up when you don’t need it and rolls out again over your sink basin, giving you a space to dry your dishes that doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen. And — best of all — any water drips right into your sink, so you don’t have to worry about tiny puddles on your counter.

A Stainless Steel Coffee Canister With A Handy Date Tracker

Whether you prefer to buy ground coffee or coffee beans, this stainless steel container will keep them fresh for much longer than keeping them in the bag. This container, which will look sleek on any kitchen counter, comes with an airtight lid to preserve your coffee and a convenient date tracker on the top where you can put in your purchase date to keep track of exactly when you need to buy new coffee.

These Nail Wraps That Help Remove Your Gel Polish In A Flash

If you get gel manicures, you know how tricky it is to get the polish off at home, which is why these soak off nail polish clips are so genius. This 10-piece reusable set eliminates the need for foil — just soak some gel polish remover on a pad, place the pad inside the clip, and clip it onto your nails for a removed mani in minutes.

These Reusable Grocery Bags With A 4.8-Star Rating

Make plastic grocery bags a thing of the past with these reusable grocery bags that come in multi-packs of amazing color combinations. These sturdy bags are made with reinforced stitching for extra durability and can hold up to 50 pounds each, making them ideal for large grocery hauls. They’re even machine washable and can be rolled up very tightly to toss in your purse on your way to the store.

A 4-Pack of Silicone Baking Mats You Can Use Again & Again

Ditch your disposable parchment paper and opt for these reusable silicone mats for all of your cooking and baking needs. These food-grade silicone mats can withstand oven temperatures of up to 480 degrees and last up to 3,000 bakes. This pack comes with four half-size mats — and trust me, these will save you tons of money on single-use parchment and foil, while simultaneously extending the life of your sheet pans.

A Chic Jewelry Box That’s Perfect For Traveling

A chic jewelry box is the perfect way to make traveling with your favorite jewelry way less of a hassle, and this particular is made with a pretty velvet finish. With compartments for your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, this box will keep your pieces secure, and at less than 4 inches wide, you can toss it even in the smallest carry-on or bag.

A Milk Frother To Step Up Your Morning Lattes

No delicious latte or cappuccino is complete without some deicious and good-looking froth at the top, which is why any coffee lover needs this milk frother. It’ll give you tasty foam in just 15 seconds and even comes with a convenient stand, so storing your frother couldn’t be easier.

This Glittery Lip Gloss With A Hilarious Name

For those looking for a little extra oomph from their gloss, this Unicorn Snot glitter gloss is what you need. Made with cosmetic grade glitter and without any gross, sticky residue, this cotton-candy scented gloss will be your new go-to lippie for a day or night out. It comes in some seriously playful colors, like aqua, purple, and gold.

A Silverware Organizer That Fits Perfectly Into Your Kitchen Drawer

It doesn’t take a lot for a silverware drawer to get disorganized, which is why separate compartments for each type of flatware is a must in any kitchen. This bamboo organizer fits right into your kitchen drawer and can expand from 13 to 20 inches, depending on how many compartments you need. The waterproof bamboo is also an ideal material that’ll fit into any kitchen’s decor.

A Headrest Hook That Holds Your Purse, Groceries & More

If you’re constantly lugging around your purse, tote bag, or tons of grocery bags, these car seat headrest hooks will keep them all close by, off the floor, and organized while you’re driving. Just clip one of these four hooks to each side of your driver’s or passenger’s seat’s headrests, and place any bag up to 13 pounds in weight on them for easy storage.

These Stemless Wine Glasses That Are Impossible To Break

As an incredibly clumsy person myself, I know these stainless steel wine glasses are an essential for wine nights or outdoor picnics. These unbreakable portable tumblers come in packs of four and are available in 15 different colors. Unlike classic glasses, these keep your wine super chilled, and can even be put in the dishwasher for an easy clean without worrying about them shattering.

A Convenient Tray That Sticks Right Onto Your Sofa Arm

Not every sitting room has space for a coffee or side table, which is why this sofa arm tray table is such a genius addition to any room needing a place to rest a coffee mug or the remote control. Made from aesthetically-pleasing bamboo and a slip-resistant surface, this “table” attaches to the arm of your couch and detaches easily when not in use.

These Blue Light Glasses That Might Reduce Your Eye Strain

Whether you work at the computer all day or use your phone for everything from Pinterest scrolling to catching up on your reading, you may want a pair of these blue light-blocking glasses to reduce eye strain and headaches. These shades filter potentially harmful blue light and look cute on your face — it’s a win-win! This highly-rated pack (with over 64,000 five-star reviews) comes with two pairs, so you can have blue light glasses for home and work.

A Cold Brew Maker That’s Dishwasher-Safe

It’s not especially financially feasible to spend a fortune on cold brews every morning. It is, however, reasonable to spend under $20 on this cold brew coffee maker. Just add your favorite coffee grounds to the filter, pour cold water over them, and let the pitcher sit in your fridge overnight to brew. With a 6-cup capacity, this makes enough cold brew to jumpstart your day every day of the week.

A Gua Sha Tool For Sculpting & De-Puffing Your Face

This gua sha tool has been trending for years for a reason — it’s the perfect no-fuss tool for sculpting and de-puffing the face as well as promoting lymphatic drainage in your face, neck, and décolletage. Made from genuine rose quartz and the perfect companion to any facial oil or hydrating mask or serum, this tool will be your go-to for looking refreshed in the morning.

An Electric Wine Opener That Works In Seconds

This sleek electric wine opener requires one simple step to open any bottle of wine you have around the house. Just place it on top of your bottle and press the button — you’ll have uncorked vino in just a few seconds! This opener even comes with a foil cutter, pourer, and vacuum stopper to round out your wine drinking experience.

A Comfy Bath Pillow That You Can Hang Up To Dry

Laying in the bathtub at the end of the day is one of the more leisurely things in life, and it can be made even more relaxing with this waterproof pillow to rest your head on. It’s made with 3D AirMesh ventilation that allows it to dry quickly and maintain its cool temperature, and you can even hang it up to ensure it fully dries. While relaxing, you’ll notice this pillow has the perfect amount of cushion for your head, neck, and shoulders.

A Set Of Bins To Keep Your Fridge Pinterest-Level Organized

Refrigerators are hard to keep organized, especially considering all the items in there we’re constantly taking out and replacing on a daily basis. These bins make the job easy, not only because they’re roomy enough to section off and store all of your fridge’s contents, but also thanks to the transparent design, which lets you see exactly where everything is stored so picking out snacks and drinks is effortless. This clever set even has a separate container for your eggs and canned beverages, keeping your fridge super organized.

This Large Holder For Your Makeup Brush Collection

Those with large makeup collections need proper storage for all of their brushes, like this six-slot organizer. Made from lightweight but sturdy acrylic in a sleek, black hue that’ll look fantastic on your vanity, this organizer can fit all of your go-to makeup brushes, no matter how thick or thin. It’s no wonder this simple yet effective solution has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

A Single Measuring Spoon That Can Replace An Entire Set

There’s no need to have multiple measuring spoons when you can have this singular tablespoon with adjustable measurements. This spoon ranges from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 full tablespoon, and is ideal for both wet and dry ingredients while cooking or baking. It even comes in a sleek Champagne-colored finish that adds an aesthetically-pleasing element to your food-prepping routine, all while saving tons of space in your drawer.

These Food Storage Bags That You Can Use Again & Again

Kiss all of your single-use plastic snack bags goodbye and switch over to these reusable food storage bags instead. Made from food-grade PEVA and 100% leakproof, these bags will make packing your lunch for the office or bringing snacks along to a picnic seamless, all while preventing excess plastic waste. There are two gallon bags, four sandwich bags, and four snack bags included in your 10-pack — all of which can be hand washed and used endlessly.

A Set Of Reusable Cotton Pads For Your Skincare Needs

Cotton rounds are useful for tons of things, mainly in your beauty routines. However, these reusable cotton rounds are even better than the single-use ones, thanks to their ability to reduce disposable waste. These soft rounds come in a pack of 20 that will be essential for makeup removing and toner application — just throw them in the wash (in their little mesh bag!) when you’re done.

These Squeezy Travel Bottles That Are TSA-Approved

Travel bottles are a no-brainer when it comes to bringing your shampoos, cleansers, and other toiletries through security. These silicone, leakproof bottles come in a colorful six-pack and all have TSA-approved capacities (only 3 ounces) that make your traveling experience worry-free.

These Reusable Dish Cloths That Will Save You Tons At The Store

When you stop buying single-use paper towels and switch your home over to these reusable Swedish dish cloths, you’ll save tons of cash, reduce paper waste, and have an easy tool around the house for quick clean ups. These super absorbent, colorful cloths can absorb 10 times their weight in liquids, making them great for efficiently drying dishes, wiping up spills, or cleaning.

A Scalp Brush To Amp Up Your Hair Washing Routine

Using this scalp massage brush not only gives you the most relaxing hair-washing experience ever, but it can also help eliminate dirt, oil, dry shampoo, SPF, and more from your head. With soft silicone bristles and an ergonomic handle, this brush will become your new go-to tool in your haircare routine — just like it has for the 89,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon.

These Rug Grippers That Prevent Curling Corners

Nothing’s more frustrating than buying a chic area rug, only for it to have curled corners after a little while. These rug grippers eliminate that problem before it can start, attaching to the corners of the bottom of your rug and to the floor underneath it to create a smooth look. Choose between an eight, 12, 16, or 24-pack of adhesives when you order, depending on how many rugs you have in your home.

An Easy-To-Use Steamer That Quickly Removes Wrinkles

Creases and wrinkles in your clothes is a classic fashion faux pas, which is why everyone needs a great handheld steamer at home to make their ‘fit look seamless. This steamer has everything you’ll need to enjoy using it again and again: a long, ergonomic handle, a compact, portable size, an easy-fill water tank, and a 10-minute continuous steam run time.

These Flameless Candles To Upgrade The Look Of Any Room

Adding candles to any space is the perfect way to make it feel tranquil, and these faux-flame candles give you that aesthetic without the fire hazard. This three-pack comes with three differently sized candles with a fake flickering flame that truly looks like the real thing, plus a mini remote control to turn them on or off or set them on a timer.

This Over-The-Door Organizer That Keeps Your Purses Neat

Storing your purses can be tricky, especially if you’re terrified of getting your nice ones dirty or misshapen. This over-the-door purse organizer gives up to six of your precious handbags their own shelf to reside in with a protective plastic covering — the top two shelves are great for storing smaller bags, while the other four perfectly fit the larger ones in your collection.

A Microfiber Hair Wrap That Won’t Create Frizzy Strands

If you’re still using rough cotton towels to wrap your wet hair up while it dries, it may be time to consider a microfiber hair wrap instead. These microfiber hair towels are gentler on your wet locks, which is actually when the state your hair is the most fragile, so these lead to less breakage. Plus, these easy-to-wear wraps are way more absorbent than traditional bath towels.

An LED-Lit Vanity Mirror With 3 Levels Of Magnification

If you’re worried your winged liner isn’t precise, your contour isn’t blended, or you missed a spot while tweezing your brows, this three-way magnification mirror can help you see better when going through your makeup or skincare routine. With 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification levels and 36 built-in LED lights, precision in your beauty routines will be no difficult task to achieve.

A Set Of Handle Covers To Keep Your Stainless Steel Fingerprint-Free

While stainless steel fridges, stoves, and so on tend to look super sleek, fingerprints on the handles ruin their look. These subtle door handle covers are perfect for preventing these aesthetic nuisances, and slip onto your handles easily with their velcro closures. They’re even machine washable to keep your kitchen as crisp as possible.

A Tiny Portable Charger For Your Go-To Apple Devices

Portable chargers are a must during long trips or days when you’re out of the house, but they can be really bulky. This mini portable charger is the same size as a lipstick, making it ideal for throwing in your purse or backpack without taking up much space or adding weight to your bag. You can even charge your phone while you charge the charger itself, ensuring that you’ll always have a juiced up phone and power bank when you’re out and about.

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