Medium Fleur, a celebrity psychic, analyzed my love life

A Celebrity Psychic Helped Me Make Sense Of My Love Life

The experience wasn’t at all what I expected.

Within five minutes of tuning into my energy, Medium Fleur is already observing specific details about my life. She asks if I’ve gone through a breakup recently (yes), then asks if it was with the first person I saw as a potential life partner (also yes). I’m already impressed at the psychic medium’s insight, and that’s before she asks her next set of questions: Did I recently make a strong connection with someone, and do they live in a different city? My jaw drops as I respond yes to both. How on earth did she know?

Fleur Leussink, 32, is a Los Angeles-based medium and spiritual teacher who has worked with celebrities like Emma Roberts and Lana Del Ray. She began doing readings 14 years ago as a premed student at UCLA, after years of feeling innately aware of other people’s energy. Fleur describes her work as being “a third-party ambassador to your own knowing,” helping clients aget in touch with their intuition. With a three-year waitlist and an $895 price tag for express readings (which are available on a one- to three-month notice), her services are difficult to access, but she also provides resources on her website and Instagram to help people learn how to tap into their spiritual self.

In our 40-minute reading, I felt like she got a great sense of who I am — and her insight helped me feel better about where my dating life stands. I’m currently single, and it’s been a tough year: working through my first significant heartbreak, navigating the stress of dating again (while also trying my best to enjoy it), and wondering when I’m going to meet the right person. I walked away from the reading feeling more confident in my gut feelings.

How Does A Psychic Reading Work?

Fleur thinks of her work like tuning into a radio signal, using your energy to help point out what you already know deep down. “A lot of times in the psychic reading, people will be like, ‘I’ve always thought that, or I’ve always felt that, but I never trusted it,’” she tells Elite Daily. “It’s like your own spirit knows that this works for you, but you don’t often listen to it.”

If you hear the word “psychic” and think of someone who predicts the future, Fleur’s approach might surprise you. Rather than telling her clients exactly what they’ll do and when, she looks at energy patterns to get a sense of what they might do next. “The future is not predictable, but you are a creature of energetic habit,” she says. “You’re going to make the same choices based on belief systems, trauma, desires, wants, and deeply programmed ways of being.” If you change your behavior based on a psychic’s prediction, that’s a choice you’re entitled to make. “You were operating in the dark and then all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what I’m doing. OK, nevermind. I’m not going to do that anymore,’” she says.

When you walk into a room and immediately sense a vibe, that’s energy you’re picking up on.

Our reading takes place on camera over Zoom, which feels like a difficult way to read someone else’s energy — and that’s not lost on Fleur. She usually does her readings over the phone with no visual element. “Your voice holds that vibration that is the vibration of your energy,” she tells me. But with enough practice, she says, you could also do what she does — say, by looking at a photo of someone on a dating app. “Everyone has a vibration signature, and you just need to find that wave and find them at the other end of it,” she says. “It’s a skill set. Everybody can do it, but not everybody is aware that they do it from time to time or how to do it on purpose.”

Essentially, she’s saying we can all learn to read energy to some extent — she just has plenty of practice. “I’m not reading anything that you can’t read,” Fleur says. “It’s just that often we are very disconnected from our own knowing, intuition, and spirit, and I’m providing a bridge between the two.” When you walk into a room and immediately sense a vibe, that’s energy you’re picking up on. When you have a gut feeling about what to do, that’s your intuition speaking. The key is learning to recognize it clearly.

What I Learned

Fleur starts the reading by establishing my sense of community. “In terms of where you live, you look quite happy right now,” she says, noting that she also senses a desire for change (is it time for me to finally make that big move I’ve been talking about?). She sees that I’ve gone through a big, painful change recently — one she correctly identifies as a breakup. “I see you crawling back out of it,” she says. “Reestablishing, getting really settled, really comfortable.”

Fleur says a lot of things about my breakup that resonate with me, and acknowledges that I’ve needed time to grieve it. She gets the sense I’m moving forward and letting go. “It does look like there’s a bit of dating around you,’' Fleur says. “You’re holding people at a distance.” As much as I hate to admit that, she’s right. The double Cancer in me makes me both emotional and guarded (FWIW, Fleur doesn’t know my birth chart, but she senses this energy anyway).

This new connection — the long-distance one — is “hope-giving,” according to Fleur. “It feels exciting and it feels good, and I think you’re planting really good seeds,” she says. No matter what happens, Fleur sees me as someone who will thrive in a relationship when the time is right. “A lot of people I read have energy that’s in conflict with being in partnership, and you’re just not one of them,” she says. “With your kind of energy dynamic, you will find the right person to partner with because your energy wants to partner.” She thinks there will be a shift sometime around my 30th year (I’m 28), where I feel ready to commit to someone again.

It feels comforting to hear this. Although I don’t understand how she reads my energy so well, I feel like she captured my internal sense of self. She took the instincts I already had and vocalized them, reassuring me that I was on the right track.

How To Access Your Intuition

Since most people won’t be able to see Fleur IRL, I asked how we can all tap into her expertise. It starts, she says, with learning to distinguish your instinct from the emotions you feel every day. “We live in a body that holds intuition, but it also holds big emotion,” Fleur explains. “It holds anxiety, it holds wishful thinking, it holds the imagination, it holds anything that’s triggered. And so often when people don’t know how to trust themselves, they get very confused between big emotions and intuition.”

When you have a gut feeling about something, it can help to examine your emotional response. “The first question to ask yourself is, ‘How emotional am I about this?’” Fleur suggests. “On a scale of 0 to 10, if it’s above a 5, it’s not intuition.” Instead, she says, it’s probably an anxiety or fear response. “Overwhelming emotion will always overshadow intuition,” she says. “It will always block out the subtlety of the spiritual voice.” In that case, take a step back, calm your nervous system, and try to reevaluate when you have a more level head. When you feel more aligned with your inner voice, it’s safe to make decisions based on that instinct.

As for me? I’ll be trying my best to enjoy the freedom of having time to figure things out. “The biggest message to you from your energy is that there is no rush,” Fleur reminds me. While this sentiment may not provide perfect clarity on my future, at this moment, it’s exactly the advice I need to hear.