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Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the 81st Golden Globe Awards

Kylie & Timothée’s Golden Globes Body Language Was Full Of Sexy Cues

According to an expert.

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet might not have walked the Golden Globes red carpet together on Jan. 7, but they still managed to grace fans with some PDA throughout the awards show. From videos of them staring intently into each other’s eyes to clips of Chalamet’s hand grazing Jenner’s butt, the couple wasn’t exactly shy about their connection.

According to body language expert Patti Wood, Jenner and Chalamet’s Golden Globes body language was full of good signs. “There’s a youthful energy between them — sometimes that’s just a stage in a relationship — but it makes it compelling to watch them together,” Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, tells Elite Daily.

That’s not the only reason Jenner and Chalamet were so hard to look away from. “There’s a sensuality to it, too,” Wood adds.

Although there were some overly posed moments between the pair — like when Chalamet leaned in for a kiss while still facing a camera — their body language as a whole showed genuine intimacy and affection. Here’s how you can tell, according to Wood.

Kylie & Timothée Showed A Relaxed Confidence

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images

Over the course of the star-studded night, plenty of celebs went over to Chalamet and Jenner’s table to say hello. Throughout it all, the couple looked at ease — socializing as a unit rather than individuals.

“He’s tilted towards her,” Wood says of this photo. “That is his way of including her in the conversation. It indicates that he wants to experience this moment together.”

Per Wood, Jenner seemed to be on the same page. “I like the way her hand is placed on his shoulder because it shows her confidence in the relationship,” she says.

Take note of Jenner’s fingers. She didn’t have a tight grip on Chalamet, but a gentle touch. “Her fingers aren’t showing aggressive possessiveness but relaxed, confident ownership in their relationship,” Wood adds.

There Were Some Sensual Details

Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There’s a lot to glean from this photo, too, per Wood. First things first, check out how both Chalamet and Jenner leaned toward each other. Again, this indicated that they were sharing the moment as a couple.

Now, take a look at their hands: Chalamet reached over to touch Jenner’s leg, and she clasped his hand in hers. “She’s collecting his hand toward her pelvis, which hints at a private and intimate relationship,” Wood says.

Their mutual grins were also telling. “He’s giving this smile of impish self-satisfaction, and her smile is showing genuine pleasure,” Wood says.

Based on their body language here, Wood guesses that they’re both on the same page with intimacy.

Timothée Got Touchy

TikTok: @lonniegal
TikTok: @lonniegal

In a BTS video of the awards show, posted on TikTok by @lonniegal, Wood notices some steamy hand placement. “His first touch to her is right to the center of her buttocks,” she says. “This says that he’s comfortable, and they have strong sexual relationship.”

But Jenner quickly moved Chalamet’s hand, grabbing it instead so they could walk into the room hand-in-hand. “He initiated showing desire and their sexual connection, and she’s able to set a boundary,” Wood says.

According to Wood, Jenner’s move says “be my partner.” She adds, “It’s healthy when a woman is able to tell her partner, ‘Not here.’” Even better? Chalamet respected Jenner’s re-orientation, letting her lead the way.

They Zeroed In On Each Other

TikTok: @cbs

In a clip of the Golden Globes, posted on TikTok by CBS, Chalamet and Jenner can be seen in deep conversation. This video, according to Wood, showed the couple at their best.

Specifically, Wood notes how focused they seemed on each other, rather than the glitz and glamor of the event. “Their faces are absolutely turned toward each other. They’re sharing a long lingering gaze toward each other, and they’re in the intimate zone of space,” she says. (The intimate zone of space occurs when two people are less than 12 inches apart, hinting at a closeness between them.)

As they chatted, Jenner played with Chalamet’s necklace. “That’s a sign of intimacy,” Wood says. “And it shows that she feels a confidence in the intimacy.”

This moment was especially poignant since the event was celebrating Chalamet’s accomplishments. “It shows that she has a playful power in their relationship. She doesn’t feel diminished by him,” Wood adds.

TikTok: @cbs

At one point, Chalamet interrupted their conversation to kiss Jenner. It was a “spontaneous and in the moment” decision, Wood says. In other words, there was no indication the smooch was for the cameras.

Per Wood, this kiss was another optimistic sign. “He goes towards her fully to kiss her, like he just can’t help getting closer,” she says. “By leaning up and toward her, he’s showing his delight.”