Christopher Briney shares how his favorite gift from Isabel Machado reminds him of Conrad from The S...

Christopher Briney’s Fave Gift From His Girlfriend Is So Conrad-Coded

“She’s so thoughtful.”

Christopher Briney skyrocketed to heartthrob status as the angsty Conrad Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty, but IRL, he’s not part of a love triangle with Isabel “Belly” Conklin (or anyone else for that matter). Briney has been happily dating his own Isabel — actor Isabel Machado — since 2021. With the holidays right around the corner, the 25-year-old star is opening up about gift-giving with his girlfriend — and his favorite present from Machado is reminiscent of his beloved character on Amazon Prime.

“She’s gotten me many good [gifts]. She’s so thoughtful,” Briney gushes about Machado in an exclusive interview with Elite Daily. “I was wearing these [zip Chelsea boots] to an event one time and I was like, ‘These shoes are so cool and I like them so much.’ She found really similar ones that are really well-made that I wear all the time.”

Like Conrad, Briney also admits he’s partial to a good sweater. “I have this white sweater that I’ve worn for a very long time and it has holes all over it, and so she got me a similar one to replace that,” he shares.

Briney — who’s set to play Aaron Samuels in the highly anticipated Mean Girls reboot in January 2024 — is also a pro in the gift-giving department. The actor teamed up with Uber to drop his own holiday gift-giving collections on Uber Eats, playfully themed around his breakout roles. In addition to gift categories for not-so-nice girls, men who wear pink, and cool moms, Briney put together his picks for your one true love or a new flame, which include Le Labo candles, perfume, and flowers.

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“I’m excited for [this year’s gift for Machado],” he says, adding, “I don’t want to spoil it in case she sees this.” While his character Conrad tends to keep things close to the chest, Briney is all about spoiling his girlfriend with a big romantic gesture.

“I got [Isabel] these really pretty Dior shoes that she picked out herself. We just went to Dior and I was like, ‘I want to get you something,’ and we sort of had a whole day,” he shares of one of the best gifts he thinks he’s ever given. “We went to brunch, we walked around, and we ended up there by accident. It was the experience.”

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Now that the upcoming third season of The Summer I Turned Pretty is starting production, Briney also had a tongue-in-cheek response for what Conrad would get his brother, Jeremiah, for Christmas — as long as they’re on good terms, of course. “He’d get him a sweater... a sweater that he doesn’t even know if he’ll like, but he’ll think about it. It’ll be a choice,” Briney quips.

Like his Cousins Beach character, the New England native is looking forward to getting out of the city and spending the holidays with his family. “I’m going to go see my family in Connecticut,” he shares. “I’m going to go home, take a couple days, get out of the city. We don’t have a big party or anything, but we will probably watch a movie.”