Shani Silver


Shani Silver is an editor and essayist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work focuses mainly on dating and humor, odd bedfellows when it comes to writing, but Shani enjoys a challenge. Her work has appeared on Refinery29, xoJane, Nylon, and others. Originally from Texas, mention barbecue or Dallas Stars hockey if you want her to like you immediately.

Why Do Guys On Dating Apps Say They Want 'Busy' Women?

By Shani Silver
Repetition runs rampant on dating apps. The men who use it may have never met, but a shocking number of them say, and seemingly want, the same things. Phrases like “please be active" (code for thin), “work hard play hard” (code for finance bro), or…

These Love Letters My Grandparents Wrote Each Other Put Texting To Shame

By Shani Silver
I'm really scared of fire. Not just the physical danger of being in a burning building, but of the potential destruction of my life, as told in possessions. That might sound shallow, but I can back it up. I'm a bit of a prepper. If I can prepare for…

If You're Just A One-Night Stand, I'm Not Putting My Finger In Your Ass

By Shani Silver
For all of my lofty goals — like going on a date with someone more than once and having a guy to sit next to at comedy shows so they don't jam me in with a bachelorette party — there are some nights where I veer off the uneven concrete path of…

Why Does No One Believe Me When I Say I Don't Want Kids?

By Shani Silver
Buying a weekly pill organizer was a big step. It wasn't that I take so many pills that I needed reminding of what to take. It was more the actual act of opening two bottles of vitamins, one bottle of a mild but productive antidepressants and…

This Guy Didn't Have Sex With Me Because He Didn't Want To Text Me After

By Shani Silver
If we're in an Uber and it's 5 am, I don't care what the conversation is. We're talking about sex. Regale me with tales of your recent employment review and promotion. Suggest a new spice blend at Trader Joe's. It's all just code for "we're having…