Samantha Wilson


Samantha writes from Los Angeles. She loves iced coffee, Pinterest projects, and the Oxford comma. You can view more of her work at To Do What We Love.

Cashew Life: 5 Perks Of Being Half Jewish, Half Catholic

By Samantha Wilson
Half the family is Catholic; half the family is Jewish. In the midst of the Chrismukkah season, you’re falling somewhere in the middle. It’s that toasty place I like to call being a Cashew. I’d like to extend the invitation to all half-Christian,…

Relax: Why No One Actually Knows What They're Doing

By Samantha Wilson
Growing up, everything looked so linear. Schooling progressed year after year until the time came to choose a college. There wasn’t really an option; college had become the new high school. It was a necessary step because higher-paying companies…

Welcome To The Real World: 8 Reasons To Stop Living Off Your Parents

By Samantha Wilson
Mom and Dad have been good to you, but now, it’s time to be your own parent. Experience independence because it’s for your own good. Maybe it was Peter Pan, but someone sure gave growing up a bad reputation. Being an adult doesn’t mean you’re…

7 Reasons Why You Need To Push Through The Low Moment And Persevere

By Samantha Wilson
Sometimes, I feel inches away from throwing in the towel. Enough is enough; I’m done. I walk away and take a breather, but I always come back. Failure is an option; giving up is not. I’ve been told that if you stop at the first sign of resistance,…

11 Misconceptions RomComs Led Us All To Believe About Love

By Samantha Wilson
I love love. I love love more than I actually love being in love. I love love more than I’m sure what love even means. After years of being lied to by movie stars and Disney princesses, nothing quite meets the cinematic expectations we have for…

Expanding Your Circle: 10 Ways To Make Friends In A New City Post-College

By Samantha Wilson
If only there were Tinder for finding a bestie... Making new friends after college is harder than dating. Whether you moved across the country or just need some new people in your life, finding them at this stage can be overwhelming, to say the…