Samantha Driscoll


Samantha Driscoll is a sales assistant for Shape magazine. She's a hopeless romantic trying to navigate her way through online dating, and she is indefinitely searching for the best cold-brew coffee in New York City.

This Is The Real Reason I Prefer Random Hookups To Almost Relationships

By Samantha Driscoll
Almost relationships are the worst, simply because they are relationships, but the person you're seeing isn't ready or doesn't want to call it a relationship. You do all the things couples do, but for whatever reason, you can't put a label on it.…

6 Ways To Get Over A Breakup That Don't Involve Ice Cream And Feeling Sad

By Samantha Driscoll
Breakups can be really difficult to get through, especially if you were more invested in the relationship than your SO. It's hard not to feel sad and lost, and it's even harder not to think about all the things you could have done differently that…

I Kissed Someone On New Year's Eve And It's My Biggest Regret

By Samantha Driscoll
On New Year's Eve, right before the ball dropped and it became 2016, I kissed a guy, and I regret it. It's not so much that I regret the kiss itself or the guy it was with, but I regret the expectations I had when that kiss turned into something…

I Would Have Been Stress-Free Years Ago If I Knew These 7 Things

By Samantha Driscoll
I could've used a lot of help when I turned 18 and went off to college. I've made a lot of mistakes and memories since then, and I often think back to who I was four years ago and wonder how I made it through everything. There were good times, there…

Everything I Want To Tell The Guy I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye To

By Samantha Driscoll
Even though I deleted your contact info, unfriended and unfollowed you from all social media and finally stopped talking to you, I still miss you and think about you all the time. I constantly wonder where you are, what you're doing and who you're…

9 Things My Past Relationships Taught Me That Prepared Me For My Future Ones

By Samantha Driscoll
I've definitely been wrong about the guys I thought were right for me. All too often, I held on to relationships that ended up being big mistakes after they ended (and, honestly, were mistakes before they ended, too). I wouldn't go back and do…

How Writing About Your Exes Can Help You Get Over Them Faster

By Samantha Driscoll
Writing is as easy and routine as breathing for some writers. But there are some days when writing is also very difficult for us. Writing is a cathartic act: It causes us to feel every spectrum of emotion based on what and who we're writing about.…