michelle cadieux


Born and raised in French Canada, I'm 29 years old and have a serious weakness for a good time and challenging anything and everything you thought you knew.

5 Foolproof Ways To Make A Killer First Impression When Meeting Someone New

By michelle cadieux
“Hello my name is Michelle and I suffer from social anxiety,” is what I will say when I hold my first Anxiety Anonymous meeting This is an ambitious plan, as I would be hard-pressed to get people to actually show up. Bad joke, I'm sorry. But…

The One Dating Trap That Could Be Keeping You From A Long-Term Relationship

By michelle cadieux
Every evening I walk down the main street of my neighborhood on my way home from work and usually pop into a local spot to pick up dinner. This street offers every type of food under the sun -- Korean, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, Portuguese, you name…

Here's Why You Should Never Offer To Buy Girls Drinks At The Bar

By michelle cadieux
My ex boyfriend and I have a very standard “how did you meet” story. We were at a bar for the birthday of a mutual friend. Despite the ordinary story, he always enjoyed teasing me about it because of the finer details of how it all went down. He…

How To Manage Your Expectations So You Find Happiness In Life

By michelle cadieux
Reality came crashing down hard and fast. I walked out of school with a diploma in hand, ready to assimilate into the real world. But no one was handing me that dream job on a platter. I was living in my parents basement barely making minimum…

5 Signs The Guy You're Dating Is A Post-Modern Player

By michelle cadieux
Ahh, the player: He's otherwise known as a fuckboy, casanova, Romeo, Mr. Charming... whatever you want to call him. He always exhibits similar signs and character traits. The signs emerge quickly, and with enough experience, they can be detected…