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Yoga teacher. Wedding cinematographer. Content Marketing Manager @ Finalsite. Proud momma of the cutest Boston Terrier. Insta: @miamajor

How I Got Back (And Kept) 'The One Who Got Away'

By Mia Major
Last May, when my ex and I ended things, I felt completely lost. For me, he wasn't just an ex: He was the one who got away. There wasn't a real reason why we broke up, but there were a million reasons why we should have stayed together. Yet,…

6 Guys You’ll End Up Dating When You’ve Been Single For Too Long

By Mia Major
I'm writing this post from my bed. I'm un-showered, even though I came home from CrossFit three hours ago. I'm slugging back red wine and crushing a party size-serving of chips and salsa. I turned my phone on silent an hour ago, just so I would stop…

F*ck Your #Fitspo: 6 Reasons I Decided To Give Up Extreme Dieting

By Mia Major
I’m 5'7'' and 145.7 pounds. To some, it’s an envious combination. To others, it’s slightly overweight. To me, it’s something to get used to because six months ago, I would've cried seeing that number on a scale. I used to live my life in numbers:…

6 Things On A Girl's Mind When She Tries To Change Her Boyfriend

By Mia Major
We've all seen the sweet girl with the jerk boyfriend. He’s buried in his phone, while she starves for his attention. His wandering eye follows a strange woman pass, while she pretends like she doesn’t notice. He drops a condescending remark, and…

How Being A Perfectionist Led Me To Lose A Perfectly Good Guy

By Mia Major
I’m a perfectionist. I get my roots done every six weeks. Chipped nail polish makes me cringe. I graduated from college with a 4.0. I run exactly 10 miles because odd numbers drive me insane. If my coffee isn’t the color of “khaki,” it’s going back…