Megan Lasher


Megan is a film and math student. Her interests include writing, learning, the French New Wave, and pretending she can dance.

10 Revelations You Have From Watching All 10 Seasons Of 'Friends'

By Megan Lasher
This is probably not something to be proud of, but I’m part of a generation that binge-watches Netflix when the going gets tough. So in a frenzy of pre-graduation anxiety, I managed to watch every single episode of "Friends." It started after I had…

Desperate For Nostalgia: Why 'Fuller House' Will Be A Success

By Megan Lasher
I first heard of the news through Andrea Barber’s Instagram profile. I’ve followed her for a while now, mainly for running inspiration (she kills about 10 marathons or half-marathons a year), and was surprised to see a photo of a TV set chair and a…

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Is The Show Feminists Have Been Waiting For

By Megan Lasher
We are entering a media age that celebrates outgoing, non-conforming female characters and there is nothing more exciting. Lucille Ball turned a leaf in the world of comedy by showing that women can be funny, and proving the nation wants to see…

9 Emotions All Film Buffs Experience During Oscar Season

By Megan Lasher
Awards season is a scary and stressful time. There’s no doubt that the nominees on the red carpet will go through some crazy emotions and we, diehard fans, often feel the need to yell, scream or cheer at our screens, right along with them. From the…

Why 'SNL 40' Was As Much An Apology As It Was A Celebration

By Megan Lasher
"Saturday Night Live’s" three-and-a-half-hour 40th Anniversary special managed to cram the entire history of the show into one night while still keeping the humor fresh and accessible. Through montages, guest appearances and the rebirth of favorite…

6 Questions College Seniors Should Answer Before Embracing The Unknown

By Megan Lasher
Being a college senior can be terrifying. Although we’ve had four years to accept the scary idea of leaving our hometowns and families, nothing shouts “independence” like buying your own apartment that isn’t campus property and finding a job that…