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Latifah is a freelance editor and writer on all things parenting, diversity, and womanhood. She currently is a freelance contributor for Romper and the parenting editor at Latifah's writing and work has been featured on, Elite Daily,,, and She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English, concentrating in Journalism from New Jersey City University and is currently pursuing her MBA concentrating in Marketing. When Latifah is not working or stressing about the next exam, she is holding on to her title as a self proclaimed cool mom, catching up on entirely too much reality television, and deciding between a nap or pressing next episode on Hulu.

15 Reasons Why Working In Retail Should Be A Prerequisite To Life

By Latifah Miles
Working an unreliable retail job is typically synonymous with long hours, unreasonable pay and irritable customers who have absolutely zero room for upward movement unless the boss suddenly croaks or hits the lottery. It is a time when most…