Latifah Miles


Latifah is a freelance editor and writer on all things parenting, diversity, and womanhood. She currently is a freelance contributor for Romper and the parenting editor at Latifah's writing and work has been featured on, Elite Daily,,, and She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English, concentrating in Journalism from New Jersey City University and is currently pursuing her MBA concentrating in Marketing. When Latifah is not working or stressing about the next exam, she is holding on to her title as a self proclaimed cool mom, catching up on entirely too much reality television, and deciding between a nap or pressing next episode on Hulu.

I Care About How My SO Looks, And That Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Person

By Latifah Miles
Every person I’ve ever met has had a celebrity crush. It is usually a dreamboat guy or girl who was literally born with every physical advantage possible, and is absolutely unattainable to the majority of us. When we see his or her picture come…

8 Ways Losing My Mother At A Young Age Has Shaped My Life

By Latifah Miles
As a child, I remember seeing my mother as this invincible superhero who could weather any storm completely unscathed. Although I wasn't capable of completely understanding her strength, I knew it was there. All of my life, I only wanted to be…

4 Things I Learned About Self-Acceptance From 10 Weeks Of Gym Time

By Latifah Miles
When I meet new people and they ask me what I like to do for fun, a visit to the gym is nowhere on that list. My favorite pastime is to sink into the softest part of my couch with the remote control glued to my hand, while I drain my brain into the…

Adulting: 10 Ways Your Life Changes When Your BFF Gets Married

By Latifah Miles
Your BFF has been by your side through some of your highest peaks and your lowest valleys, always cheering you on and wiping your tears. But, when she gets married to the love of her life and commits to a partnership with someone other than you,…

10 Ways Becoming A Mom Earlier Than Expected Enriched My Life

By Latifah Miles
When women in their 20s think about becoming a mother, it typically involves five to 10 years in the future and an end to everything formally known as fun. My thinking was not too far off, until motherhood squashed my expectations and met me halfway…

15 Reasons Why Working In Retail Should Be A Prerequisite To Life

By Latifah Miles
Working an unreliable retail job is typically synonymous with long hours, unreasonable pay and irritable customers who have absolutely zero room for upward movement unless the boss suddenly croaks or hits the lottery. It is a time when most…