Adulting: 10 Ways Your Life Changes When Your BFF Gets Married

Your BFF has been by your side through some of your highest peaks and your lowest valleys, always cheering you on and wiping your tears.

But, when she gets married to the love of her life and commits to a partnership with someone other than you, life will certainly change.

1. Outings become couples only

Remember when planning vacations and outings with your group of gal pals was the norm, and "no boys allowed!" was the motto?

Well, after committing to a lifetime together, your bestie is going to want to do couple things with her husband and other couples.

This means hangouts without you because that guy you swiped right on last week keeps swiping left on you.

2. Or you will be perpetually third-wheeling

Popping up for an impromptu reality TV trash binge at your BFF’s apartment will be a new experience.

Instead of you two sitting on the couch and gawking at how annoyingly captivating the Kardashian clan is, it will be you, the bestie and her spouse — together.

And you probably won't be watching the Kardashians.

3. Saving for house turns into her priority

The American Dream we were waterboarded with as kids molds us for love, marriage, house, kids, and so on.

So, while your newly married friend is saving up with her boo to buy a grand estate with a white picket fence, you are merely trying to fight the urge to buy Chipotle so you can pay the cable bill on time.

4. Saying "I do" seems like lightyears away

Your friend has just signed a contract that binds her to another person for, in theory, the rest of her physical life financially, emotionally and sexually. And the thought of that has you breaking out in a cold sweat.

5. You’ll realize she is really adult-ing

Getting married is something adults do, right? And when exactly did everyone agree that it was time to stop f*cking around and be adults? Did that memo go into your spam folder?

6. It’ll no longer be all about you or her; it’ll be about them

There is this satisfying tingle you feel in your heart when you can lounge about, eat the last donut, leave the dishes until the morning and dole out your time however you see fit. The ability to be as selfish as you please is not something you two will bond over anymore.

She has dry cleaning to pick up for her spouse, dishes to wash and dinner to cook. You, well, you haven’t done laundry in weeks.

7. You’ll be that hopelessly single friend

Now that your friend has found the love of her life like some damn fairytale, your level of singlehood is like a scarlet letter.

More than likely, you are the only one who notices you are unmarried. (But still, you have A SCARLET LETTER!)

8. You’ll become Annie from "Bridesmaids"

That’s right. Your name is no longer your name. You just refer to yourself as Annie.

Suddenly, around your BFF, you feel like you are awkwardly fumbling through life while she has it all together.

9. Your wingwoman will be no more

I mean, she can still go out to the bars with you, but she is not going to chat up the cute guy’s annoying friend while you make your moves.

With a wedding ring on her finger, I imagine that could be super weird.

10. She’ll be blazing the trail for you

But, it’s not all bad! While your relationship with your bestie will shift once she gets married, and your dating prospects are still iffy at best, she will always be your BFF.

You can think of it as her blazing the trail ahead, and reporting back to let you know what to expect when that guy finally comes to his senses and swipes right.