Daniel Myrick

Freelance writer, former English teacher, failed comedian. My interests include poverty and support for disenfranchised people worldwide. I am an ardent champion of terrestrial, freeform radio and a DJ at Radio Boise. Check out some of my radio exploits at rabblerouserradio.com :: :: Member: Eastern Oregon Film Festival :: :: Winner: 2015 Rita Monahan 5K :: :: WInner: 2015 KEOL Fantasy Baseball League :: :: My weirder quirks include love of homegrown cherry tomatoes, the dead ball era, awkward silences and lowercase letters.

10 Things You Could Buy For The Price Of A Ticket To Super Bowl 50

By Daniel Myrick
The Super Bowl is not the place for a cheap date. It would take a truly dedicated fan to want to shell out the cash. But even if someone had the money, is it worth it? As I think of how many things could be purchased for the ticket price makes the…