Dan Scalco


Dan is the Director of Growth at Digitalux and owner of BrainWiz.org. When he’s not working hard for his clients, he enjoys fixing up his old motorcycle, playing with his dog Max, and binge-watching documentaries on NetFlix.

8 Mental Hacks To Make Sure You Ace Your Next Exam

By Dan Scalco
Exams are one of the most stressful things students deal with during their time in school. It's time to put those worries behind you. To help you ace your next exam, I'm sharing eight mental hacks you can use so you have a better chance of…

6 Secrets To Landing Your Dream Job So You Don't Have To Settle For Your 9-To-5

By Dan Scalco
As Americans, we spend about 30 percent of our waking hours working. It makes sense you would want to be doing something personally meaningful with that amount of time. But, according to some polls, over 70 percent of people are actively disengaged…

These Squat Routines Will Take Your Lower Body Workout To The Next Level

By Dan Scalco
Love 'em or hate 'em, squats are seriously good for you. They can tone your lower body (and your body overall), improve the health of your bones and joints, contribute to good posture, aid in everyday activities and boost athletic performance. For…

7 Natural Remedies For Easing Depression That Don't Involve Meds

By Dan Scalco
Depression affects more than 16 million adults in the US each year. That's nearly 7 percent of the country's adult population. Despite its prevalence, depression rarely gets talked about in mainstream media, and it's even rarer that it's talked…

How To Get Away With Spending Under $100 On Your Trip To NYC

By Dan Scalco
Are you planning a trip to the beautiful and bustling New York City? If so, you probably have a few ideas of things you'd like to do and see during your stay in the Big Apple. And odds are, many of the things on your list are going to cost you a…

7 Hidden Perks Of Being An Entrepreneur That No One Talks About

By Dan Scalco
I graduated in 2012, and I was ready to use the culmination of knowledge I’d gathered over my four years in college to start my career. However, things didn’t exactly work out the way I planned. For the life of me, I couldn’t land a job. As all my…