Impeached Presidents Get A Pension, But Only Under This Condition

The important detail isn’t what you think.

By Shelby Black and Rhyma Castillo

Good Luck With Your Vaxication While This Major Airline Is Canceling Flights

Prayers for everyone figuring out your rebooking.

By Rhyma Castillo

Barack Celebrated The "Grandmother Of Juneteenth" On The New Federal Holiday

"Let’s follow her lead and try to leave our grandkids a better world.”

By Cianna Garrison

The Bidens' Dog Champ Died And Jill Wrote A Very Touching Tribute

"Everything was instantly better when he was next to us."

By Cianna Garrison
Social Justice

This Juneteenth, Let's Talk About Black Women's Liberation

Why are Black women still waiting for the true liberation they deserve?

By Ciarra Jones

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Holocaust Press Conference Has People Furious

She apparently just learned about the Holocaust.

By Rhyma Castillo

It's Time To Change How We Think About The Climate Crisis

Living through a pandemic apocalypse sure changes your perspective on the upcoming climate apocalypse.

By Nylah Burton

Kamala Just Made History By Marching In A Pride Parade

She made a surprise appearance at a Pride parade.

By Abby Monteil
First Ladies

Jill Biden's Jacket While Visiting The UK Had A Very Non-Secret Message

This is so obvious, and I’m not complaining at all.

By Rhyma Castillo
First Families

Michelle And Barack Obama Posted The Purest Throwback Pics For Sasha's 20th

Can this family just please stop being so cute already?

By Rhyma Castillo
Body Care

Gen Z Is So Over Period Stigma, They Created Their Own Brand To Push Back

“Once we get the ball rolling, it's only a matter of time before [other] people are like, ‘Yeah, like they're doing it. This is right.’”

By Lilli Petersen

Hold Up, Is This New UFO Report About To Reveal Aliens Are Real?

I want to believe!

By Rhyma Castillo