Zoë Kravitz Posted The First BTS Look At 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 On Instagram

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's happening. It's actually happening. Fans saw the press releases, the quotes, the announcement about Meryl "21 Oscar nominations" Streep joining the already-illustrious cast, but a picture is worth 1000 words. And thanks to the lovely Zoë Kravitz' Instagram about Big Little Lies , the HBO series' second series officially feels real. Bonnie is BACK, people, and BLL Season 2 is about to get underway.

"So, y'all, we're starting next Friday on Big Little Lies 2. I can't believe it," star and producer Reese Witherspoon revealed during a March 9 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "Not only do we have every cast member coming back, but also Meryl Streep is joining us." Reese's co-star Kravitz wasted no time in showing off her badass yoga teacher character Bonnie's signature long braids via social media on Friday. "Bonnie’s. Back. #BLL2," the actress captioned the pic. Excuse us while we freak out in excitement.

The second season of the critically acclaimed hit won't premiere until 2019, but we'll take all the sneak peek glimpses we can get. Oh, how we've missed these talented ladies lighting up our screen. I would personally watch any of them do whatever — like read a takeout menu or act out airplane safety instructions — so the fact that they're returning for this amazing show is a blessing.

"I'm still having a really hard time casually saying Meryl in the first, like, just her first name," Kravitz recently told Entertainment Tonight about the excitement surrounding working with Meryl Streep in Season 2. "I had lunch with the cast and Meryl, and I still can't do it. Meryl Streep, you guys. Meryl f*cking Streep!" Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen all of Big Little Lies Season 1.

Zoë's Bonnie was a, er, shall we say integral part of the first season's dramatic climax? OK, she was the main one who pushed the abusive Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) off the Otter Bay Elementary stairs — a move that ultimately killed him. Viewers can expect Bonnie's story to be fleshed out in Season 2. "We’re going to get more into [Bonnie’s] family,“ HBO president Casey Bloys revealed to TVLine. "The nice thing about doing a second season is you can get more into all of the characters.” Bonnie's parents will reportedly be introduced in the next chapter of the series, as will Perry's — which is where Meryl Streep comes in.

If you're familiar with the source material for this TV adaptation, Liane Moriarty's novel of the same name, Bonnie has a telling backstory that was left out of the first season of the show — her own father has an abusive past. Creator and writer David E. Kelley spoke to The Hollywood Reporter of the creative decision to not touch on that reveal:

We ultimately all felt we didn't really need it. The pieces were there. The character, the actress playing the character knew her backstory, and as long as we were truthful to it, we could honor the book without being maybe, per se, faithful to the page.

Bonnie's action became all the powerful since fans got to know her throughout the season chillest and most peaceful mom of the Monterey bunch.

"When I looked at Bonnie, the character, I’m even waiting for her to kind of show her true colors, because no one is that perfect or peaceful. Which she does eventually, to an extent. But what you do find with that character is that she is genuine," Kravitz has said of the layered role.

While we count down the days to BLL's return, we'll be keeping our eyes open for more behind-the-scenes set snaps from the cast. Now, I'll just be over here refreshing my Instagram every two seconds...