You’ll Swoon Over What Zendaya’s Zodiac Sign Says About Her As A Partner

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Is Zendaya single, or are the rumors she’s dating her Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi true? For now, fans will just have to wonder, as the notoriously tight-lipped actor is keeping quiet about their reported connection. They have, however, been been spotted together twice — first on vacation in Greece back in August 2019, and then again at a movie theater on Oct. 12. Both of these moments have fueled speculation that they may have a love connection, but why the top secrecy? Well, when you consider Zendaya’s zodiac sign, it makes a bit more sense. Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for both Zendaya and Jacob, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Zendaya was born Sept. 1, under the sign of Virgo. Virgos generally tend to play their cards close to the vest, and can be very image-conscious. They have a tendency to worry and overanalyze everything, so it makes sense that she may opt to keep her private life as hidden as possible. That way, she avoids the outside pressures from complicating the already challenging experience of dating and falling in love. That being said, while Zendaya may choose to be very private about her love life, that doesn’t mean we can't surmise what she's like when she's in love, based on her zodiac sign.

Virgos Have Very High Standards For Who They Date.
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Virgos have a reputation for being picky about, well, everything, but especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Frankly, it's well-earned. This is a sign that holds themselves to a very high standard and has the same expectations for the people they date. They want a partner who has the same ambitions in life and is not above giving a little constructive criticism to help them achieve it. While that can be a hard pill to swallow for folks whose feelings are easily hurt, the reality is that Virgo wouldn’t be attracted to you from the start if they weren't already totally impressed by you.

They Can Be Slow To Open Up.

While some signs like Pisces and Aries have no trouble opening their hearts and jumping into a new romance, Virgos aren’t as easily cracked. They open up in their own time and may take a bit of wooing. They like to really observe someone before they feel like they're ready to show them their softer side. But here’s the thing: Virgo's are totally worth waiting for, because they are much warmer and more loving than you might first assume.

They Will Do Anything For The People They Care About.
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Virgos often show their affection through their actions rather than their words. They are natural caretakers that express love through thoughtful gestures and acts of service. Once they care about someone, there's practically nothing they won’t do for them. Ruled by Mercury, this sign has great intuition takes a true interest in other people. They can often anticipate others' needs and meet them before they even know they have that need. When a Virgo loves you, you truly feel seen.

They Love With Their Whole Heart.

When a Virgo falls for someone, they fall hard. They are a true ride or die who values loyalty and honesty in relationships. That's why you rarely ever have to worry about infidelity or keeping secrets with this sign. When they're in love, they're all the way in.

Yes, Virgos can be a bit intense sometimes, but for the right partner who can handle their radical honesty and constructive criticism, you truly cannot find a lover with a bigger and more steadfast heart. Whoever earns Zendaya's (secret) affections, they are very lucky indeed.