Zayn's New Platinum Blonde Mohawk Has Fans Thinking New Music Is Coming

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You've heard of Gigi Hadid's curtain bangs, but allow me to raise you Zayn Malik's platinum blond mohawk. The couple hasn't been in the public eye much since the birth of their daughter in September, but the family made their return to New York City on Dec. 15. Now that the initial excitement behind their baby's first public appearance (despite no pictures of her face being shared yet) has subsided, fans can focus their unwavering attention on other things, like... does Zayn Malik's blond hair mean new music is coming?

For his platinum reveal, Malik wore a yellow quilted jacket, a graphic sweater, black joggers, and matching yellow sneakers. You can see full pictures of the singer's mohawk here. As amazing as this new 'do looks, it's led to much more than just compliments for Malik. Instead, fans are convinced this dye job means the new father is about to do something big, and these theories may not be that far off base.

To put the story into pictures, on Dec. 14, which is notably the two-year anniversary of his last studio album Icarus Falls, Malik posted on his Instagram Story a clip taken in a studio of some heady-sounding beats. Then, he stepped outside with blond hair. The last time the former member of One Direction went blond was in 2018 was in the "Entertainer" music video, a song from his album Icarus Falls. And, as one fan put it on Twitter, "blond hair Zayn always happens when there's a new music video coming." Most recently, on Dec. 17, Malik posted a photo of a stage on his Instagram Story with no other details. Is this all incredibly cryptic and unclear? Yes. Am I totally convinced the singer has something up his sleeve? Yes.

As for what exactly he might be planning, fans are a little split. Some believe Malik is about to drop his entire third solo album. Others think a live, virtual concert may be in the works. The third option is that a music video is coming. Honestly, I'll take any of the three, and I'm not the only one. Fans on Twitter are making it clear they're beyond ready for any Malik-related music news. Below are just a few of the tweets connecting the dots and expressing all the feelings going on in my heart.