Zac Efron & Anna Kedrick Are Starring In An Animated Series That Will Air On Facebook

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If Facebook reminds you too much of your younger self's regrettable hairstyles, its TV ambitions may be enough to draw in your inner teenager. In a nostalgic mashup that is definitely worthy of a singalong, Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick are starring in an animated series that will air on Facebook. Chances are that the duo's past characters saw many viewers through some of their most awkward years, but Kendrick and Efron will be taking us all the way back to the beginning of time in Facebook Watch's Human Discoveries.

Although they worked onscreen together in the 2016 film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and co-presented at the 2010 Oscars, Kendrick and Efron really ought to have become cinematic gold à la Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling by now. While Efron sparked the start of something new in tweens' heart in High School Musical, Kendrick starred in the college version of a movie musical in Pitch Perfect. Although we know they both have golden pipes, it's still unclear whether they'll perform a duo in the animated comedy series Human Discoveries. But what can we definitely expect from the upcoming show?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Facebook Watch series takes place in the Stone Ages, introducing viewers to a group of friends who are the first to discover basic elements of humanity such as fire and the wheel. Created by Chris Bruno and David Howard Lee, the show's adventures take on an even more relatable aspect when the friends also discover things such as art, alcohol, and fashion. EW's blurb also teases the chaos that ensues when the group discover the concept of monogamy. I mean, cavemen didn't exactly have moral codes about marriage and commitment straightened out yet.

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Joining Kendrick and Efron in the Human Discoveries voice cast are Lamorne Morris, Jillian Bell, Paul Scheer, and Lisa Kudrow. The comedy is slated to premiere later this year on Facebook Watch, which will first release a reboot of MTV's The Real World this spring. For me, Facebook hit its peak during high school, and what with its recent reboot and casting choices, it looks like the platform doesn't mind throwing things back to its heyday a decade ago.

In between singing in multiple movies, both Efron and Kendrick have voiced animated characters before. Kendrick played a leading part in Trolls and a smaller role in ParaNorman, while Efron was involved in the animated Dr. Seuss tale The Lorax. Working on an otherworldly story isn't new for either of them, but unlike Trolls and The Lorax, Human Discoveries seems to fall into the adult animation category. There are definitely PG ways to explain monogamy and alcohol, but Facebook Watch also hasn't seemed to branch out to kids' programming just yet.

Efron and Kendrick have yet to comment about the new series. But seeing as they're accustomed to teaching audiences about the musical side (or lack therof) of high school and college, I'm sure they'll take to this insight into the world's early days smoothly. Will their characters discover music and singing too?

Human Discoveries debuts on Facebook Watch later this year.