Here's How You Can Choose The Final Cast Members For The 'Real World' Reboots

MTV / YouTube

Nowadays, seven strangers living together and getting real isn't as shocking as it was at the start of the reality TV era on MTV's The Real World. We have more than enough competition shows bringing people together in a glamorous house, but Facebook Watch is planning a return to basics with its three upcoming Real World reboots. If your teenage dream was to play Big Brother to the Real World housemates, here's how you can choose the Real World reboot cast members on Facebook Watch.

Back in October 2018, Facebook revealed plans to partner with MTV and revive its long-running series The Real World with three different seasons set in the United States, Mexico, and Thailand. The project promised the same classic format of seven cast members living together and being encouraged to "stop being polite," but Facebook announced it would introduce "a new layer of audience interaction" for the reboots. Now with production slated to start this spring, Facebook is giving fans the power to cast the final housemate for each Real World version. It's as if the voting of American Idol has hit MTV!

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the new Real World series will open Facebook polling this week for the seventh and final casting decision of its U.S. version. Casting polls for the Mexico and Thailand shows will appear the week of March 11. Each video poll will be available for one week on the Real World Facebook page. Getting to briefly contribute as a puppet master for each reboot is definitely rewarding, but audiences will have even more chances to leave an impact on the new series.

Building off fans' nostalgia for the series, Facebook will also hold polls to determine which three seasons of the original Real World the platform will stream ahead of the reboot premiere. Starting March 4, followers will vote in the categories of "Favorite Season," "Hottest Cast," and "Most Controversial Season." The winners will be revealed on March 25 before the victorious seasons appear for streaming on Facebook Watch.

The show's Facebook page has already been sharing throwback moments from throughout Real World's original run of more than 20 years. After debuting in 1992 with a cast living in New York, the series traveled across the country and even the globe to produce a total of 32 seasons before airing its final stint in 2016 with a group in Seattle. Even if your memories of the show are its more recent years of steamy hookups and scandalous drama, a skim through the page shares the massive impact of the show's early seasons exploring race, sexuality, politics, and more.

A concrete premiere date for the three different iterations is still under wraps, but thanks to this fan interaction, I think Facebook has definitely won over longtime Real World fans. If they want my full attention, I have my fingers crossed for a three-way crossover between the U.S., Mexico, and Thailand shows. Just imagine the possibilities of 21 international strangers getting real together.

The Real World reboot premieres on Facebook Watch this spring.