Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario's Body Language Says So Much About Their Connection

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It rarely comes as a huge surprise when celebrity co-stars cozy up after working on a project together, so it's definitely not a shock that rumors of a Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario romance have been flying since the Baywatch premiere last summer. While a relationship between the two has yet to be officially confirmed, Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario's body language suggests that there could definitely be a romantic connection.

While Daddario did tell E! News last May that her and Efron were just "very good friends," it's hard not to wonder if the two have grown closer over the past several months. If Instagram counts for anything — and let's be real, it totally does — it shouldn't be overlooked that Efron made a sweet birthday post for Daddario in which he bestows upon her the coveted title of the "most rare Pokémon ever created." And I mean, that's not a phrase I would imagine Efron (or anyone) throws around lightly.

I spoke with body language expert Patti Wood to see if a relationship between Efron and Daddario is likely, or if our over-active imaginations are just playing very cruel and convincing tricks on us.

It's Definitely Possible That They Are Just Friends
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"In this photo you don’t see any obvious indication that they like each other or are secretly a couple," Wood tells Elite Daily.

But then again, considering this photo was taken in May 2017, right around the time that Daddario brushed off relationship rumors, it totally makes sense that the on-screen sparks could've just been starting to evolve into an actual thing.

According to Wood, all hope isn't lost in this pic because they are standing pretty close together.

"She may be holding back her desire to touch him as her hands are up in front of her hear in a modified wall clasp," explains Wood.

They Do Seem To Feel Relaxed Together
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"They are posing in a wide lovers V formation that indicates they are comfortable being seen as a unit," explains Wood. "And she rests her arm on his shoulder with obvious comfort."

It can't be overlooked that the above photo was taken during the Baywatch photo call in Sydney, Australia — so there may be a chance these two could've fallen back into the romantic connection they built up as characters. But Wood notes that both their smiles look genuine, and Efron's smile in particular makes it seem like he is definitely enjoying Daddario's presence.

"He is really happy, as you can see from his front teeth-showing grin, and the laugh and smile are because of her as you see by the way his head goes forward and his other cues," says Wood.

Their Eye Contact Is Really Intense
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"Notice how they are looking directly in each other’s eyes and his big smile again," says Wood. "He is gently pulling her close with his left hand and oddly the way he rests his open fingered hand on his stomach indicates that he is holding back from touching her with that hand."

I mean...this photo definitely presents a compelling case that there could be something going on between Efron and Daddario. Just look at them! And while both of their pelvises are just about as close together as they possibly can be without it looking like too much PDA for the red carpet, Wood notes that Daddario's upper body isn't in-line with her lower body.

"She pulls back with her upper body," notes Wood. "That shows that she feels close to him, but she wants to look less connected for the photo view."

There Could Be Something There
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"She doesn’t just give a head tilt of friendship, her whole body is leaning over," says Wood. But notice in this pic that Efron isn't quite on the same sightline as Daddario.

While we would love to draw some conclusions from these photos, no one can say for certain if these two are in fact in a relationship, except for them. But it's definitely clear that the potential — and the chemistry! — is there. We'll just have to wait and see how things come together in the future for the Baywatch co-stars.