Your Winter Solstice Horoscope Is Here To Show You How To Take What You Want

The cosmos are about to take you through the next phase of the zodiac cycle, so get ready for a serious shift in energy. Autumn was about reaping what you sowed, polishing off your spiritual harvest, and preparing for darkness. When does this darkness begin? With the winter solstice, of course, which is slated to take place on Friday, Dec. 21, 2018. As it so happens, the dive into winter always coincides with the beginning of Capricorn season. Coincidence? Your winter solstice 2018 horoscope thinks not.

Spiritually speaking, the winter solstice marks the beginning of a period of hibernation and introspection. After all, in the cold and dead of winter, our ancestors could not grow too much. However, they could spend a lot of time thinking about everything they could grow once the ice melts and the flowers bloom in spring. In essence, this transition into the next season is about planning for the future and manifesting success. With the sun in ambitious, spearheading, career-oriented, and karmic Capricorn, what can't you accomplish? It's time to praise yourself for everything you did right over the past year, as well as learn from everything you did wrong. Spend winter asking yourself what it is you truly want out of the new year.


Are you truly fulfilled by your career accomplishments? Do you want to turn your achievements up a notch? Set an intention that guides you towards the public success that you desire. Don't hide in the shadows. See your name in lights.


Are you yearning to see the world? Is there a hunger inside of you for more knowledge and experiences? Set an intention that expands your horizons and allows you to see outside of the box. Don't allow yourself to be fenced in. Break through.


It's time for you to set an intention that guides you towards the intimate connection and trust that you deserve. Are you sharing yourself with people who truly love you? Are you opening your heart to real love? Ask for true kindness and compassion.


You deserve partnerships that are mutually beneficial and marked by trust and commitment. Are you preventing yourself from being helped? Are you helping without being helped in return? Set an intention to attract worthy partnerships.


Are you staying committed to your responsibilities? Are you taking care of your mind, heart, and body? Set an intention that banishes bad habits. Set an intention that guides you towards taking care of yourself in the way you deserve.


It's time for you to focus on your own joy. Are you allowing yourself to be happy? Are you enjoying all the awesomeness that this world has to offer? Set an intention that allows you to create art for the sake of creating art.


There's a center to your universe that deserves tending to. Do you feel connected to your familial roots? Are you tending to your home with diligence and thoughtful care? Set an intention that protects your world from within.


Are you giving your ideas due credence? Are you staying focused on what counts and speaking your mind truthfully? Set an intention that allows you to concoct the most useful ideas and express those ideas clearly. You are full of genius.


It's time to focus on the world that you're creating for yourself. Are you reaching your financial goals? Are you being paid proper compensation? Set an intention that allows money and prosperity to flow easily your way.


Don't let yourself be defined by the past. Don't allow the world to tell you who you are. Only you can decide that. Set an intention that allows you to become the person you're meant to be. It's time to acknowledge your growth.


Don't allow the chaos of society to taint your inner peace. You are a spiritual being and you deserve to acknowledge that. Set an intention that cleanses and empowers your spirit from within. Reconnect to something higher than yourself.


Are you surrounding yourself with people who understand you? Are you stepping outside of your comfort zone to meet new people? Set an intention that attracts likeminded individuals. It's time for you to take others under your wing and be a leader.