Your Valentine's Day Friendship Horoscope Shows Love Comes In Many Forms

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're wondering what the holiday of love has in store for you, you've come to the right place. While February 14 is all about falling head over heels, telling your crush how you feel about them, and basking in roses and chocolates, people forget the true meaning of it all. Your 2019 Valentine's Day friendship horoscope will help you remember.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to find your one-and-only, don't let all the heart-shaped decor fool you. Love takes so many more forms, so don't let anyone dictate how you should celebrate Valentine's Day. After all, it always takes place when the sun is in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of friendship, community, and platonic love. Whether you're in a relationship, single, or crushing, romance is all around you. If you've got friends, you've got Valentines, so why not let this holiday be a chance to let them all know how much you love and appreciate them?

With Venus — the planet of love — in committed, traditional, and overachieving Capricorn while Mars — the planet of desire — is in sensual, loyal, and romantic Taurus, this Valentine's Day will be nothing short of meaningful. Prepare for love to be solidified and for your circle of trust to be sharpened.


On Valentine's Day, you should be surrounded by so many of your loved ones and friends. You're feeling inspired by social electricity and you'll feel like you're exactly where you belong. Do something wild and spontaneous together.


Your friends make you look good and inspire you to be your best self. You should share your friendships with the world and proudly show off the deep connection you guys share. Open yourself up to a profound and platonic love.


All you need to worry about doing is going on an adventure with your friends. Get together and do something quirky and out of the ordinary. You're in a position to make some lifelong best friends right now, so let the memories form.


You should spend Valentine's Day professing your love and appreciation for your friends. Tell them why they're so awesome so that they can tell you in return. Your deep bonds can help you succeed. Love nurtures you at every turn.


You've got so many friends but few of them are truly close to your heart. On Valentine's Day, focus on the people who understand you the most and love you on the deepest level. Do something creative and enjoyable together.


Do something helpful and special for a friend on Valentine's Day. How can you make them feel important? How can you make their life easier? Think about the friends who are more than friends. They're family. You'd do anything for family.


You deserve to just get out there and be a kid again with your friends. Dance to groovy songs, take some silly pictures, have a pillow fight. Get out of your head and focus on the simple things in life, such as a great day with friends.


You would benefit so much from a self-care date with friends, possibly even a sleepover. Curl up at home with a Netflix marathon, homemade desserts, and a totally relaxing evening where you just get to spend quality time together.


You need to have some sweet and exciting conversations with your friends on Valentine's Day. Why not write them a love poem? Even friends deserve those. Remind yourself how beautiful and loved your friends make you feel.


Feel free to exchange gifts with your friends on Valentine's Day. Whether you get them a teddy bear and candy or a big bottle of wine to share, your gift will never be forgotten. Friends deserve to treat each other to fun things.


You're super in touch with who you are on Valentine's Day, so share your true self with your friends. Don't worry what anyone thinks, because true friendship is about accepting each other for who you are. Root for each other's authenticity.


You're in the mood to spiritually connect on Valentine's Day, so why not do something centering and relaxing with your friends? Discover your inner truth and help each other relax. Do yoga together, meditate, light incense, and discuss your intentions.