Your Uranus Retrograde Horoscope Is Here, But It's Not What It Seems

by Valerie Mesa
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Uranus is one of my favorite planets in the solar system. Revolutionary, freedom-loving, and totally unconventional, it's no wonder the rebel planet also rules the sign of the eclectic water bearer Aquarius. So what exactly happens when a planet like Uranus stations retrograde? Before I reveal your Uranus retrograde 2019 horoscope, let's take a closer look at this celestial entity and its role in the heavens. The phrase, "Expect the unexpected," is 100 percent Uranian and this is because you never really know what you're going to get with the rebel planet.

Each of the heavenly bodies is incredibly diverse, but I have to give credit where it's due and Uranus is, by far, the most extraordinary. Electric and innovative, Uranus is the planet of chaos, rebellion, and unexpected change. This super-charged planet governs all things futuristic, progressive, and unusual. It sparks unforeseen change and, at its greatest potential, a revolution. Ever wonder why those born under the sign of Aquarius are so inventive and freakish in the best way? Nothing is coincidence. Uranus is scientific, progressive, and as swift as lightning; hence Aquarius' love for technology and brilliant insight. What can I say? Uranus is so stellar.

On Aug. 11, the rebel planet will station retrograde until January 2020, in the slow-moving sign of Taurus. Retrogrades are for reflecting, revisiting, and reassessing situations, but not to worry because Uranus retrograde will be nothing like Mercury retrograde. During this retro cycle, Uranus' pizzazz is turned inward, which will, in turn, push you to rebel against what no longer serves you. Taurus is the money you spend, your sense of security, and values. So it's safe to say you're going to see a revolution in all things related to money and currency.

BTW, in case you haven't noticed, the collective is already experiencing the effects of Uranus in Taurus with payment installments such as Afterpay and Klarna, not to mention cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Anyway, here's what Uranus retrograde in Taurus has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: Money, Values, And Self-Esteem

It's time for you to rebel against the things that no longer measure up to your self-worth, Aries. This retrograde cycle will completely revolutionize your value system and general levels of comfort.

Taurus: Sense Of Self And Personal Expression

Your whole life feels like it's in a flux right now, Taurus. This is 100 percent true, but you are also in the process of revolutionizing your personal identity, too.

Gemini: Your Private Life And Unconscious Mind

You're breaking subconscious patterns, Gemini. This retrograde cycle could be incredibly liberating for you, but it's important that you do the work. It's time you detach from the habits that no longer serve you.

Cancer: Your Friendships And Sense Of Belonging

No new friends, Cancer? This retrograde cycle is helping you break free from stagnant social groups in order to remind you of your place in the world. This is an excellent time to tap into your free spirit.

Leo: Your Legacy And Professional Life

Working hard or hardly working, Leo? This retrograde cycle is here to disrupt your professional path in order to bring you closer to your true mission in this lifetime. Time to invoke your inner rebel.

Virgo: Your Philosophy And Overall Perspective

I know how much you hate unexpected changes, Virgo. However, with Uranus retrograde via your expansive ninth house of travel and higher learning, you could suddenly adapt to an unconventional way of life.


Libra: Your Spiritual Debt And Intimate Unions

What's yours is also theirs... or is it? This retrograde cycle will ignite your power-hungry eighth house of sex and shared resources, which means other people's money will be a theme for you during this time.

Scorpio: Your Committed Partnerships

Can they keep up with you, Scorpio? Aside from revolutionizing your identity, this retro cycle will also spark change in your relationships. You and your partner may suddenly realize you're no longer on the same page.

Sagittarius: Your Health And Routine

Have you been doing your due diligence, Sagittarius? This retrograde cycle will liberate you from stagnant day-to-day routines that are no longer aligned with your soul's truth and your well-being. A new job is very likely.

Capricorn: Your Individuality And Self-Love

What do you do for fun, Capricorn? Uranus loves thinking outside the box, so this retro cycle can create space for you in order to do things you wouldn't normally do. So if you were the inhibited type, that's about to change.

Aquarius: Your Family And Inner Foundation

Your humble abode is in flux right now, whether it be physically or emotionally speaking. This retro cycle is here to revolutionize your inner world and emotional foundation. Be patient, Aquarius.

Pisces: Your Immediate Circle And Exchanges

Put yourself out there more, Pisces. This Uranus retrograde cycle is shaking up your local third house of communication, which will, in turn, revolutionize your thought process and immediate perception.

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