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Friendship, Affection, & Positive Vibes Are In Your Thanksgiving Horoscope


Gather around the table to share warmth, wisdom, and abundance with your loved ones, because Thanksgiving takes place on Nov. 28 and it's so lucky that it does. Pesky and confusing Mercury retrograde will be over and empathetic Neptune will have officially stationed direct, infusing the cosmos with a lusciously dreamy and hopeful energy. Here's to good company, good food, and your Thanksgiving 2019 horoscope, which should give you something to look forward to.

With the sun in open-minded, spontaneous, and fun-loving Sagittarius, it's time to let loose and get weird. However, the moon will enter sturdy, serious, and ambitious Capricorn at 7:33 a.m. ET, leaving you feeling grounded and eager to prove yourself. You might think the moon in Capricorn will take the excitement down a notch, but you'd be wrong. This moon will join forces with both romantic Venus and expansive Jupiter, encouraging friendship, affection, and plenty of positive vibes. It will be easier to see from someone else's perspective as communicative Mercury embraces sensitive Neptune, and as Venus connects with radical Uranus, you'll feel compelled to make this a Thanksgiving you won't forget.

Of course, this holiday is not without its sobering moments. This is often when you get together with family members you may or may not see eye-to-eye with. Political discourse is exchanged and sensitive topics are usually touched upon. With aggressive Mars at odds with unpredictable Uranus, there may be a conversation that goes south if you let your anger get the best of you. Luckily, there's plenty of compassionate astrological energy swirling through Thanksgiving this year, so just make sure you approach tense subjects with as much patience and sensitivity as you can muster. It might help you get your point across more effectively.



Stay open-minded this Thanksgiving, and don't be afraid of doing things a little differently than you normally would. Traditions are meant to be broken so you can make your own. Create a new vision for the future to come.


Allow your relationships to deepen this Thanksgiving, and don't settle for superficial connections with people. Surround yourself with those who would do anything for you, and allow those who don't show up to become part of the past.


You're in the mood to make a commitment to someone this Thanksgiving, so decide once and for all what you want in a relationship. It's time to cuff up or set yourself free from someone who drains you.


You're needed in the kitchen this Thanksgiving. Your organized, detailed, and focused energy will keep the evening from falling apart. Make plans and don't procrastinate until the last minute. Everyone will thank you for it.



There may be a new lover making their affections known this Thanksgiving, so don't suppress your desire to make eye contact with a cutie across the table. Allow your creative spark to catch fire. You're feeling like a kid again.


You're the string that ties your family together this Thanksgiving. Radiate your warmth, take care of others, and help everyone let their guard down. You're being fully rejuvenated by all this love and togetherness.


You're starting the most fascinating conversation at the table this Thanksgiving, and you're facilitating a healthy exchange full of understanding and enlightenment. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Remain patient enough to listen.


You're feeling a rush of stability this Thanksgiving. Be grateful for all the luxury, abundance, and love that surrounds you. This awareness and appreciation will only invite more of it into your life. You are firmly rooted in the earth.



You're feeling like yourself on Thanksgiving, just more willing to try something different or new. If you've been holding back your true feelings or denying your interests, it's now time to be honest with your loved ones.


Your emotions are strong this Thanksgiving, but your intuition is even stronger. Pay attention to your gut feelings, and take note of what's being left unsaid. You may be the one who realizes something no one else has noticed.


You're fighting for justice this Thanksgiving, and you're making sure everyone is respectful and conscious of what's right and what's wrong. Be the leader the world needs, because everyone can at least respect your vision.


Your accomplishments are shining bright for all to see this Thanksgiving, so don't shy away from owning your talents. Even if you're not where you want to be in your career, you're getting closer and everyone can see that.