Your Tarot Card Horoscope For Dec. 18, 2017 Is Here To Guide You Into The Holidays

by Ethony

Welcome to your tarotscopes for the week. What is a tarotscope, you ask? It is a mini tarot reading for your astrological sun sign aimed to give you a little energetic edge for your week. Your tarot card horoscope for Dec. 18, 2017, is read along with the astrological cosmic energies of the week. This week, we are coming right off a new moon in Sagittarius, which means many of us are going to be feeling full of energy, inspired, and have itchy feet for some action. Not to mention this is a time that's filled with many distractions and different ways of closing the new year. You're probably either finishing up whatever needs to be done at work or crossing off last-minute gifts from your holiday shopping list. Either way, you're bound to be looking ahead, and you might be wondering what's next.

Remembering to breathe and take time for yourself is incredibly important this week. Getting swept up in unnecessary drama and draining your energy spinning your wheels is going to get you nowhere. This week is a wonderful time to reflect on just how far you have come and what you have achieved this year. Active reflection can also shine a light on where we can let go of the unwanted baggage of 2017 before we head into 2018. Enjoy your tarotscopes, moon friends.

Aries: The Moon

Bad Bitches Tarot

Things are not what they seem this week, so pay attention, hot stuff. The Moon is incredibly romantic and divine, but she is also ever-changing and pulls at our unconscious. This is the card of illusions and people trying to play games. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams; they may be the key to avoiding big missteps. Don't take things at face value this week.

Taurus: The Eight of Wands

Bad Bitches Tarot

Hold on to your superhero spanks, you are about to be moved in mysterious ways. The Eight of Wands is the card of swift movement and travel. If you have been sitting on the sidelines wondering when it is the right time to act, this is a sign from the universe to go for it. The time to act is now. Everything is aligned for you to move forward.

Gemini: The Magician

Bad Bitches Tarot

This is one powerful bad bitch and she is here to remind you that you are the creator of your own life. If you don’t like something about your life, do something about it. Every decision you make, every affirmation you tell yourself, and where you spend your energy is going to dictate your reality. Make sure it is working in your favor. Yes, 2017 may be wrapping up, but every day is still a new opportunity to move forward.

Cancer: The Two of Pentacles

Bad Bitches Tarot

Watch your expectations his week. It can feel like you are pressured to have the perfect lover, an amazing place to live, an overflowing bank account and incredible hair to boot.

Finding some balance and getting back in the flow is the key to this week. Been too serious lately? Go out dancing. Taking on too much? Prioritize and be really discerning about what you say yes to. Balance is key.

Leo: The Nine of Wands

Bad Bitches Tarot

You are nearly there, so don’t give up now. It has been a hard road and progress may have been slow and steady, but you are almost at the top of your own personal mountain. Dig deep into the reserves of your energy, beliefs, and motivations. Remind yourself of the reasons you even started and persevere. You are closer to your goals than you know.

Virgo: The Ten of Wands

Bad Bitches Tarot

It looks like someone has taken on too much. You have overcommitted and are now really sinking under the weight of all of the obligations in your life. Ask yourself, is this really my load to bear? Am I taking on someone else's responsibilities or expectations of me? Remember you have a choice and put some of those wands down pronto.

Libra: The Six of Swords

Bad Bitches Tarot

Stuck in a rut and feeling low about it may be getting old. This week do what you can to give yourself a change in scenery. Walk a different way to work, swap desks with someone else. Go on an weekend vacation if you can. Break up your routine with some movement toward a more positive space.

Scorpio: The Lovers

With the title of this card, we often just see The Lovers being only about love and relationships. While this card does represent our experiences in life where we enter those partnerships and put other people's needs and wants first, it is also the card of duality and choice. We show who we really are with the choices we make. Actions speak louder than words and people are paying attention this week.

Sagittarius: The High Priestess

Silence is golden this week. It also makes you look all mysterious and people love unravelling a good mystery. This is a reminder to listen more than you speak this week. An opportunity is about to come knocking. If you are feeling stuck, pay attention to what you feel, what you see, and what you think, and meditate on it for a while before you choose.

Capricorn: Justice

This lady of Karma doesn't care if you had good intentions or if you were in the moral right, she is going to reflect back to you what you put out into the world. There are the laws that society makes and universal laws. Don't mix the two up when you are dishing out your own sense of personal justice. Start by being honest with yourself.

Aquarius: The Wheel of Fortune

Things are about to change, and all of that work you have been putting into your ventures are about to pay off. The Wheel is often seen as a positive card, especially if you are looking forward to a change. She is lady luck. Harnessing the energy of this movement is a good idea. Say yes when you are offered opportunities, and remember, you got this.

Pisces: The Knight of Pentacles

Slow and steady this week. Give each task you have to do all of your attention while you are working on it. It is not a sprint but a marathon and you want to make sure you have enough energy to get through everything on your list without having a meltdown. Fuel yourself well and put the phone down at night so you sleep better.