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Your Sept. 28 Weekly Horoscope Is Proof That The Chaos Is Just Getting Started

A powerful turning point is underway, so prepare for one astrologically intense week. While you may feel frustrated beyond belief, there's no shortage of excitement and conflicting energy, so get ready for a wild ride. Your September 28, 2020 weekly horoscope is proof that the chaos of 2020 is just getting started.

Calming some of the edginess is Venus — planet of love and friendship — forming a trine with enthusiastic and energetic Mars on Sept. 28. This exciting transit revives stagnant and stale relationships, making you feel more inspired by the love in your life and eager to partake in the splendors of life. What you like is in harmony with what drives you, so take advantage of this boost toward your passions.

Saturn — planet of karma and maturity — stations direct on Sept. 29 and Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — stations direct on Oct. 4. While both of these malefic outer planets were retrograde, you received somewhat of a break from their intense effect. However, now that they're both back up and running, you may feel as though the truth is hitting you like a ton of bricks. Expect a solid dose of reality to flood your perspective this week, pushing you to focus on your priorities more diligently.

As you may have already noticed, the universe isn't flowing with as much ease as you might like. Mars — planet of ambition and drive — has been retrograde since Sept. 9, making you feel as though you're trying to turn on the car while the engine sputters and stalls. Feeling frustrated lately? This is your culprit. This week (on Sept. 29, to be exact), that stagnant feeling is going to reach new heights as Mars forms a square with inhibiting Saturn. You may feel as though you're being forced to bottle up your energy and desire, and you have no outlet for your feelings. Work with the resistance rather than resist it all the more. This transit is asking you to prove how much you want it, so don't give up just because the going is getting tough.

A powerful full moon in competitive, confident, and forceful Aries on Oct. 1 at 5:05 p.m. ET is a stark contrast to this immovable energy, giving you what you need to keep pushing through it. However overwhelming this energy might feel, it's providing you with a revelation about your ego and what drives it. Let this moment show you how your ego works for you, as well as against you. The only person you're competing against is your former self, so keep your eyes on your own paper and don't worry about what other people are doing.

You'll start feeling as though it's easier to get to work and provide a helping hand once Venus enters organized, analytical, and perfectionist Virgo. Your perspective will gain some clarity, helping you pick apart conundrums and discover a logical way to solve your problems. However, nothing is ever perfect, so don't let one tiny little flaw ruin the whole picture during this time.

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This may be an incredibly intense week for you, Aries. You're asking yourself some big questions and carrying the weight of existential dread. Although you may be taking some rejection at the moment, you won't back down without a fight. That's simply your nature. Instead of letting fear defeat you, let it sweeten the way victory will feel when you finally prevail.


You may feel haunted by the past, Taurus. You probably thought you were totally over it, and yet the pain is resurfacing as though no time has passed at all. Healing isn't something you cross off your to-do list. It's a circular process that constantly repeats itself. Accept the fact that some scars take longer to heal, but that doesn't make you any less strong. In fact, it makes you that much more resilient.


You may feel withdrawn from the rest of the world, as though no one truly understands the way you feel. You're an incredibly unique soul and you won't feel a connection with everyone you meet, Gemini. The reason you may feel alone at the moment has nothing to do with you. You may be outgrowing a set of people and creating space for new ones. That's simply a part of life.


You've been thinking very seriously about what you're meant to be doing with your life, Cancer. You may be having trouble figuring out a career path that aligns with your truth. Don't pressure yourself to solve a problem that can take years to understand. Take each day as it comes, celebrate the small successes, and trust that you're exactly where you're meant to be.

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It may be hard to see into the future, Leo. Where you used to have exciting plans in the past, you may not even be able to imagine what the future looks like. Don't let this mystery keep you at a standstill. Find meaning in what you're doing right now. Treat each day like it may be your last. You don't need to know what the future holds. You only need to discover yourself in the present.


You may be dealing with a lot of loss at the moment. In fact, you may feel hung up on something that is out of your control, clinging onto it no matter how much you know you should let it go. This only means that you care, Virgo, and this passion you have will empower you as you move away from what is no longer yours. The universe has something far better in mind.


There may be a significant push and pull in a partnership in your life, Libra. You may feel as though you're not on the same page or the power isn't equally balanced. Remember, you can't control what they do, but you can exemplify what you believe a healthy relationship should look like yourself. Choose patience and understanding over your desire to be right. Solve a problem together.


You may be feeling like there isn't a clear focus in your life this week, Scorpio. Begin building a sense of routine that both grounds you and inspires you. There's no need to maintain a rigid monotony, but infusing structure with spontaneity will give you the peace of mind and the productivity you're looking for. Make self-care your main priority, and self-care means more than treating yourself. It also means putting in the work.

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If you've been struggling to feel inspired or excited about your life, Sagittarius, there's nothing wrong with you. You're going through a lot and it's normal to feel out of sorts. However, that doesn't mean you should make your happiness the last priority. Set aside time this week to do nothing but embrace creativity and self-expression. Do whatever it takes to introduce that feeling into your world again.


You want to maintain an image of perfection; an image that lets everyone know you're succeeding in all aspects of life. However, there is so much you're keeping tucked away within, and this week, it's threatening to burst if it continues to be left unaddressed. Set aside what other people think. This doesn't concern them. Spend time with your heart and be honest with yourself, Capricorn.


You may feel as though no one is hearing you, Aquarius. You may feel overlooked or ignored, tapping into your instinct to scream, shout, and fight for the attention you deserve. But do you have confidence in what you're trying to say? Do you trust that your message is strong enough to be received by others all on its own? If you have true confidence in your words, they'll speak for themselves.


It may feel like more and more is being taken away from you, Pisces. You may be surviving on less than what you're used to, forcing you to take a closer look at what you truly need and what is only taking place in your life. Cut down to the basics, because you might think you want something so badly, but once you finally get it, it may just lose all its attraction. You already have all that you need.