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Here's What You Can't Stand About Fall, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Some of us embrace autumn with open arms. As soon as August hits, they're already counting down the days until the season shifts in September. Between pumpkin spice lattes, a chill in the air, Halloween, and a reason to curl up with a good book and their favorite sweater, fall is all that's on their mind. However, many would vehemently disagree with this autumnal love. They're still soaking up the summer vibes as much as they possibly can and clinging on to the sunny heat and the carefree mood with ever fiber of their being. They might even consider an affinity for autumn to be downright masochistic. If you happen to be in the latter category, then what you hate about fall, according to your zodiac sign, will probably feel way too relevant.

I mean, let's count the reasons, shall we? Autumn is associated with school starting back up again. It's also when the natural world starts to shrivel up and die. During fall, you never know when you should wear a light cardigan or pile on the layers. As much as I love fall, I can totally understand why someone else wouldn't.

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Aries: Fall Is When School And Work Start

If you're a student, then you know exactly what fall means: an end to your fun. If you're a working adult who spent all of summer partying on, then you also know fall is for getting back to the grind. You're not down for any of it.

Taurus: The Weather Is So Unpredictable

You're all about comfort and feeling good, which is why autumn weather is the bane of your existence. One minute, there's a light and bearable chill in the air. The next, it's pouring rain and you're rattling your teeth from the cold.

Gemini: Nobody Feels Like Going Out

When fall begins, everyone starts becoming a total hermit. After a long and wild summer, the autumn cold makes everyone homebodies — except for you, that is. You're trying to continue with the summer fun and everything is a disappointment.

Cancer: That Seasonal Depression Hits

You're a summer child by nature, and when the weather starts to turn, so does your happiness. That seasonal depression is no joke, and because you're known for being so moody, your loved ones are well aware that you hate fall.

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Leo: It Gets Darker Way Earlier

You adore and worship the sun. A warm and bright afternoon gives you so much strength. Thanks to Daylight Savings ending and the seasonal shift, there's way less of the sun to go around. You are dreading those 5 p.m. sunsets.

Virgo: You Are Terrified Of Getting Sick

You treat your body like a temple. However, it's also a pretty sensitive temple, and when flu season begins, you're stocking up on vitamins and antibacterial gel. You do everything to prevent sickness, and yet, it's inevitable during fall.

Libra: You Miss Summer Fashion

You know that autumn is the season of tacky knitted sweaters, bulky scarves, and worst of all, Ugg boots. You're already counting down the days until you can start wearing your sundresses and bathing suits again.

Scorpio: The Natural World Is Dying

You're ridiculously sensitive to the atmosphere. When you begin to notice dead leaves piling up in a sludgy pile on the sidewalk, the greenery withering away into nothing, and everyone's negative attitude, you're the first one to feel depressed.

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Sagittarius: Vacation Season Is Over

You need travel like you need air. When autumn is the time for getting back to work, you've gotta put your travel plans on hold. The only problem is, you already need another vacation. How many days until next summer?

Capricorn: Can Christmas Get Here Already?

Fall is just a season you have to get through until you can finally enjoy the greatest holiday of all time: Christmas. I'm sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas being the central theme of Capricorn season now, would it?

Aquarius: Stop With All The Pumpkin Spice

OK, seriously, this pumpkin spice craziness has got to stop. I mean, how basic can autumn possibly be? If companies think they're doing something right by marketing literally everything as pumpkin spice, then that's reason enough for you to hate fall.

Pisces: You're Super Nostalgic For Summer

It's never easy for you to live in the present moment. As soon as autumn begins, you're already romanticizing how awesome summer was. You're probably tearing up at the thought of it being over. Can we postpone fall?

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