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Libra Season Is Spreading The Love In Your Sept. 23 Weekly Horoscope


Ready your heart, because blushing, beautiful, and balanced Libra season has officially begun. Whether it's the twinkle in your crush's eye, or the way your best friend can always make you laugh, everything just feels more gorgeous when the sun is in Libra. In case you're wondering how this astrological shift will affect you, your September 23, 2019 weekly horoscope has all the juicy details.

With the sun, Venus, and Mercury now in Libra, I bet you can feel a light loveliness circulating through the air. This zodiac sign encourages pleasant social connections, frisky flirtations, and the desire to maintain harmony above all. Even though this energy is perfect for making new friends, falling madly in love, and spending a little extra time beautifying your appearance, it can also leave you sacrificing substance for the sake of maintaining peace. Let it help you see things from other people's perspective, but don't run the risk of forgetting who you are in order to fit in.

However, things will take a turn for the more serious when Saturn — planet of discipline and limitations — forms an opposition with the North Node. (Remember, the North Node is symbolic for all the spiritual improvements you're striving to make.) Taking place on Sept. 28, this opposition can lead to you feeling as though your goals are all the more impossible to manifest, but don't be so quick to trust that feeling. Saturn refuses to sugarcoat things, so even though you may realize how much work there's still left to do, it's important that you be realistic about your game plan. Use this energy to make hard yet mature decisions about how you should live your life.

The week comes to a close with a powerful new moon in Libra on Sept. 28. Marked by clarity and surging with cooperative energy, this is the perfect time to truly go for it. Don't underestimate your abilities, stop allowing opportunities to pass you by, and run the extra mile. However motivating this new moon might feel, it's important to note the square it forms with Saturn. While a new moon wants to blast you forward, Saturn wants to constrict and inhibit you. Even though this combination may make you feel like you're bottling up your desires and emotions, what it's actually doing is allowing them to cook up for a little while longer. This can either charge you with even more power or cause you to burst. It all depends on your willpower.



No relationship is perfect, but it's necessary you decide what you're willing to accept and remain flexible enough to compromise. You might be focusing on how a partner is or isn't treating you, but it may be you who needs to rearrange your perspective. Know you are whole, with or without someone. However, commitment is a two-way street, so try meeting in the middle.


When you're focused on a goal, you may begin with a burst of raging fire only to lose steam later on. Remember, these things take time and patience is your greatest asset. Expecting everything to happen at once will only lead to disappointment, which is the least motivating feeling you could experience. Embrace failure and set small, practical goals you can accomplish one by one.


You have a vision and it's beautiful. However, you might not yet understand how to express it or bring it into reality. Whether you're yearning for romance or struggling to realize a creative goal, stop focusing on the "how." It's far too soon for that. Instead, let it imbue your imagination with color and whisper poetry in your ear. The answers will arrive sooner or later.


Your idea of what your heart needs may be vastly different from what your heart truly needs. Take a step back and reevaluate your expectations of what comfort and love should be. Chances are, you already have so much of what you're searching for. Home is where you feel safe, sound, and understood. It doesn't look like anything or seem like anything, but it feels like... something.



Your mind is racing with a million thoughts and ideas at once. So many of them are brilliant. You're probably feeling eager to put them into words and start making plans. But if you can't set aside the time to focus, you run the risk of filling your head with anxiety instead. Narrow it down, bring some clarity into the mix, and be shocked by how fast you can get the ball rolling.


If your self-worth is too dependent on external means, now's the time to face the failure of that perspective. You may be thinking you'll be happy once you gain something in the future, but by then, there will be another thing to gain. Center your mind on the present moment. Find structure and stability where you can. Indulge in your abundance and all the rest will follow.


You may feel consumed with the desire to better yourself. It's like you're looking in a mirror and seeing everything you'd like to improve upon. However, you need to make sure you're focusing on the right things. If you think you can skip the process of growth and wake up as someone else tomorrow, you're wrong. Instead, try reveling in the strange and surreal beauty of being you — warts and all.


You may be harboring a secret that's begging to be set free. Whether this secret makes you feel guilty or ashamed, avoiding the truth will only give it more strength. You don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. However, you do eventually need to have a conversation with yourself. Healing is dirty, messy, and weird. It requires you to acknowledge the wound that needs healing.



You have hopes, dreams, and ideas for how the world should be. However, you know you can't make them reality on your own. You need to learn from, cooperate with, and be inspired by communities who truly get you. If you're in the wrong place with incompatible people, those dreams may sit stagnant. Ruminate on the affiliations you invite into your life. It may be time for spring cleaning.


You know you want to be number one. However, if you're constantly comparing yourself to others, you won't even be number one to yourself. Everyone has their own journey and someone else's success has nothing to do with your shortcomings. Instead, learn from and be inspired by successful people who have come before you. Remain open and resilient.


Can you feel the electricity of that adventure you're about to embark on? Truly believing in something is half of the battle. It's only when doubt sets into your mind that you begin losing sight of your vision. That adventure is still a spark struggling to catch fire. Instead of letting your inner critic squash it, why not let it take on a life of its own?


You know that change is necessary in order for you to get what you want. Some things need to be sacrificed in order to make way for something beautiful and new. However, you might have trouble truly believing that. Your grip may be stronger on the past than ever. Don't make the process any more painful than it needs to be. You'll be OK no matter what. In fact, you'll be stronger than ever.