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Your September Full Moon Horoscope Is Positively Enchanting

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Can you feel that? The subtle yet piercing energy that's gaining power by the minute? That would be the date of the upcoming full moon getting closer and closer. You can feel it sweeping you off your feet even days before it takes place. That's because this full moon happens to be in the 12th sign in the zodiac wheel: Pisces. This means you've reached the end of a major cycle, as Pisces signifies the height of spirituality and the wisdom that comes with old age. Open your heart, because your September 2020 full moon horoscope will seep through your skin and soak you with mystical vibrations.

The full moon in Pisces, which takes place on Sept. 2 at 1:22 a.m. ET, always opposes the sun in Virgo. That makes Pisces and Virgo sister signs, which means they each contain what the other lacks, therefore completing each other. While Virgo represents logic, Pisces represents emotion. Virgo is concerned with everything that can be seen, measured, and quantified. Virgo likes following formulas that are tried and true. However, Pisces sees the world through their heart, imagination, and intuition. Pisces is less concerned with details and more concerned about universality and how everything is interconnected. During this full moon, you will reckon with the way you choose to see the world. Do you exude an even balance between logic and emotion? Can you trust your heart without losing the facts? Can you focus on the facts without forgetting your heart?

Allow this full moon to teach you so much about your connection with the spirit realm, as well as your place here on Earth. Here's how it will affect you, based on your sun sign and rising sign:



There are so many things you may be worried about, so many tasks you're anxiously trying to keep up with. However, in the grand scheme of things, these things don't really matter. You're an infinite spirit and you've lived many lives. Focus on the power of your spirit and let go of your ego. The most important thing right now is universal love.


It's time for you to believe in your vision for the world. It's time to believe that the world can become a better place. Apathy won't cut it, because the universe is selecting you to be a leader. You can influence others to fight for a better reality and spread kindness. You can learn so much from others in return. Together, you can create change.


You've been letting your down guard and relaxing in your sacred space. You needed to rest. However, you can't stay in your comfort zone forever. You're thinking more deeply about your long-term goals and your desire for public recognition. Risking failure is always scary, but it always means you're one step closer to success.


Your view of the world has been narrow as of late. You may be clinging to your own perspective, despite all the nuances and complexities to consider. Take a step away from what you see and look through someone else's eyes. Let go of your beliefs for a moment and entertain the idea that there may be something even better to believe in.



You're thinking about how to share what you have and you're learning how to allow yourself to be intimately known. However, it's easy to drown in emotional connection, so remember to swim instead of sink. Maintain your boundaries, while also allowing yourself to merge with others. Loving someone means loving yourself first.


You're taking a closer look at the relationships in your life and how they function. Is there an uneven power balance? Are you receiving the loyalty you need? Are you being the partner you know they deserve? Allow revelations about how you function in a partnership to overcome you. It will strengthen the ones that are meant to remain.


You've been spending so much time daydreaming. You've been delving into fantasies of your own creation, enjoying the colors you envision, and the parallel realities to which you can escape. However, it's time to bring yourself into the present. Take action in the here and now. Otherwise, these dreams will remain nothing more than dreams.


You're feeling a deep desire to express your creativity and connect with your inner child. However, you may be talking yourself out of it. You may be judging yourself too harshly and expecting perfection on your first try. Remember that creativity has nothing to do with perfection. Flaws are always the most beautiful part because of the story they tell.



You've been focused on the hustle and bustle; on prioritizing your ambitions above all else. However, if you're frequently choosing your career over your private life, you'll eventually find that your success is hollow. You need substance to make it feel worthwhile. That substance lies in your heart. Nurture your heart with tender, loving care.


You may feel as though the world is crashing in on you. When you focus on everything all at once, it's easy to forget the facts. It's easy to forget to consider the details. Remember to take things apart and unpack their deeper meanings. Not only will you sort your way through the problem, but you'll find a clearer understanding of how to prevent it.


It's time to return to the basics. Think of your most essential and nonnegotiable needs and make sure you have plenty of it. You're craving stability and a foundation you can rely on. Go without it for long and you won't get very far. Build the foundation you need yourself. Don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty.


You've come so far. You may not be the same person you were in the past. You are constantly evolving and outgrowing your surroundings. Embrace the process of shedding your old self and honor the new you. A major change is brewing, and while it may feel scary, it's also exciting. Your story is just starting to get interesting.

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